List Of Marketing Companies In Ghana

By | October 10, 2021

Marketing is a very relevant topic you can ever imagine in your life since everybody is a supporter be it consciously or unconsciously because you can bear with me that we all engage in buying and selling which also forms part and parcel of marketing.

Some other personalities such as teachers, barbers, doctors, bankers, shopkeepers, fuel pump attendees and many others also render services to their customers which is also a form of marketing. Next time you see a giant billboard on the street, have it in your head that a marketing company proposed to idea to become a reality.

In This Guide, I Would Like To Take You through the numerous Marketing Companies In Ghana.

What Is The Work Of Marketing Companies

  • Marketing companies are in charge of branding and selling out your company to the world
  • They are Responsible for boosting up the sales you make by bringing in clients
  • They make sure your brand or company gets a good reputation

List Of Marketing Companies

The following Are A List Of Marketing Companies In Ghana.

  • Aquity Media

Aquity Media is a very popular agency, aiding companies get clients. Since its initiation six years ago, the agency has helped businesses to monetize several customers. Being among the top 10 network marketing companies in Ghana, they believe that partnership is a force multiplier, while technology is an enabler.

  • Origin8 Ltd

Origin8 is an advertising and marketing company that offers customers creative and strategic ideas. As a result, they have collaborated with some of the biggest brands such as Total, UBA Africa’s global bank, the British Council, Fleming, the German corporation, and coral among many others.

  • Swivel Marketing

Swivel marketing is one of the flourishing best marketing companies in Ghana. It has made standing, for creating thrilling, innovative, and appealing brands for consumers. They offer services in marketing, events management, and merchandising.

  • CliQAfrica

CliQAfrica is a popular agency offering a multitude of united digital marketing remedies to its customer base. In turn, it has appeared severally on the list of marketing companies in Ghana. It has been registered by the Registrar’s General Department in Ghana. What makes the agency more superb, is the fact that Ad Word-savvy professionals established it five years ago.

  • WebTek Ghana Limited

WebTek which was established in 2013 has followed all avenues to emerge as an agency offering high-quality services. It is one of the leading IT marketing companies in Ghana, with insight as per the customer’s requirements.

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