Building Construction Companies In Ghana

By | October 10, 2021

Building Construction Companies are on the rise in these times we live in since everybody is trying to build his or her own apartment in order to hand it over to their families in the future.

This has brought about drastic increase in the number of building construction companies in the country so as to meet the demand of the citizens of Ghana.

In this article, I am going to take you through a list building construction companies in Ghana.

The Work Of Construction Companies

  • Construction companies put up buildings and office spaces
  • They also undertake road constructions and massive road interchanges
  • They build dams and drainage systems

The Following Are List Of Building Construction Companies In Ghana

Asanduff Construction

Asanduff company was established in 1990. It builds building blocks ensure tracking services and expands businesses in general. It’s open for local and international customers.

Joshob construction limited Accra

Joshob construction company was first founded in the year 1996 as a limited liability company. It’s a fully licensed company under the ministry of roads and its popularity for its involvement in road construction in Ghana. This company ensures quality roads for a better Ghana

Inocon group limited Accra

Inocon group limited is situated in Accra. It is an award-winning company that has strong belief in improvement, new and maximum customer satisfaction. Inocon is dedicated to ensuring excellent services within the competitive market for amazing results.

Asterion construction

Asterion construction is a special company because of its dedication and perfect work. It’s one of the leading construction companies. Its a rapid growing company in the construction industry, that has an arrangement of very qualified professionals that add an extra touch of class in your property. It’s a varied company that is involved in site preparation, road construction, renovation or a new structure construction.

De simone limited

De simone limited is among the leading construction company in Ghana with high ratings and a 5 decade experience. This company offers personalized services and incase of any issues the company is more than ready to address them. It seeks to distribute services efficiently and effectively for a better country. It is considered as one of the top construction companies in Ghana.

Zakhem construction limited

Zakhem construction limited which was founded in 1963. This company is more than ready to fulfill its customers’ construction needs irrespective of the design. It has sufficient experience in the construction industry.

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