Adisadel College Prospectus 2022

By | October 10, 2021
Adisadel college prospectus

Adisadel College is a boys’ senior secondary school in Cape Coast. The school has produced more great people in the country and if you are lucky to gain admission then you need to get some things down. That’s what this article is about. This post is to give you a clue about all that is required of you as a student of Adisadel college and this is from Adisadel college’s prospectus.

This article here today shall walk you through the Adisadel College Prospectus in Ghana for 2022 academic year’s admission.

About Adisadel College

Adisadel College is an Anglican Institution established on the 4th of January 1910 by the Society for the Propagation of the Gospel (S.P.G). The school was first named S.P.G. Grammar School. In 1924 the name was changed to St. Nicholas Grammar School and later moved to the present site where it once again changed its name this time to Adisadel college.

Adisadel college prospectus

  • *2 black & white shirts
  • 1 Good cloth or Kente for use on occasions
  • *1 PE shorts
  • 1 Sleeping Cloth or Pyjamas
  • 1 Bucket
  • 1 Pair of African sandals
  • *1 T‐shirt for Games
  • 2 Pillowcases (white)
  • 1 Pair of Sandals (buckled)
  • 4 Handkerchiefs
  • 1 Mosquito net 1 Blanket
  • 2 Pairs of white shorts 1 Pillow
  • *2 Pairs of black shorts
  • 2 White Trousers
  • 1 Set of Cutlery
  • 2 Plates(enamel/plastic)
  • 3 White shirts
  • 1 Drinking Cup (enamel/plastic)
  • 1 House Jersey
  • 1 Metal Trunk
  • 1 Wooden Box (Chop Box)
  • 1 Pair of Canvas shoes
  • 1 Foam Mattress
  • 1 Cutlass
  • 1 Scrubbing Brush
  • 2 White Bed Sheets
  • 1 New Cutlass

Items marked are to be provided by the College.

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College Regulations/Rules

All students are required to observe the following regulations:

  1. All students must conduct themselves in an orderly manner,
    both within the college precincts and elsewhere. They must be
    courteous in manners in and out of college.
  2. All students must be properly dressed at all times. It is a
    requirement of the College that the prescribed attire should be
    worn at the proper times.
  3. Students must return to College punctually at the proper times. If
    a student is unable to do so, a written explanation must be sent to
    the Headmaster ahead of time or on the day of reopening of the
  4. No student shall leave the compound without an exeat signed by
    the Housemaster. Any student who leaves the college compound
    without an exeat will be liable to suspension for three weeks.
  5. No student may have in his possession any matches, tobacco,
    candles, lamps, stoves, or other electrical appliances with the
    exception of a rechargeable torchlight.
  6. All students are required to undertake any College duties or
    responsibilities given them by authorized member of staff.
  7. All students are required to perform well in their chosen subjects
    to the satisfaction of the subject tutor. Those who fail to do so
    will be REPEATED
  1. Attendance at Lessons, Morning Assembly, Chapel, Prep, Dining
    Hall, Games and House Evening prayers is compulsory. Absence
    from classes without adequate excuse may result in suspension
    or dismissal after investigation by the Disciplinary Committee.
  2. Students are expected to exercise common sense at all times. A
    breach of common sense is a breach of College Rule for which the
    student may be liable to punishment as shall be imposed by the
    Headmaster/Assistant Headmasters, with the Disciplinary
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