Aburi Girls Prospectus: List Of Items Inspected For Admission 2022

By | October 20, 2021
Aburi Girls Prospectus

A prospectus is a document that details the aims of an institution, organization, company, or individual. Prospectuses are often used for fundraising or to recruit new students. Aburi Girls prospectus is an informative document that provides information about the school’s history, mission, and list of items used in the school student.

Aburi Girls is a boarding school for girls and was established in 1946 with only 7 students. The school currently has eight houses, named:

We have the complete information about the Aburi Girls Prospectus, List Of Items Inspected For Admission 2022.

  • Aberdeen House
  • Irene Anderson House
  • Sylvia Asempa House
  • Barradale House
  • Chapel House
  • Edinburgh House
  • Kilsyth House
  • Royal Park House

Table of Contents

Aburi Girls Prospectus

  • Two scrubbing brushes
  • 2 towel or rag (for cleaning)
  • 1 cutlass/ hoe
  • 1 mop &1 plastic long broom
  • 1 long scrubbing brush
  • Two white bed sheets and 2 pillow cases
  • Bible
  • Standard brown sandals for classes
  • 5 pairs of white socks
  • Toilet Roll (1 pack)
  • Two Antiseptic
  • Small chop box
  • one mosquito net
  • Health insurance(compulsory)
  • Suitcase/trunk
  • Two plates, mug & saucer
  • One set of cutlery & two napkins
  • One sleeping cloth & one pillow
  • Plastic bucket & pail
  • 12 panties and 6 handkerchiefs
  • 2 Black long vest and under wear (2)
  • Set of hangers
  • One pair of white canvas shoes
  • Pajamas (2)
  • One electric iron
  • 1 flash light (torch light)
  • One umbrella or rain coat
  • Washing powder, bathing soap, disposable shaving sticks & pegs
  • 1 Pair of Black shoe
  • 1 Black belt and 1 brown
  • Blanket
  • Small mirror
  • Sanitary Pad at least 3 packs
  • Washing powder, bathing soap, disposable shaving sticks and pegs
  • Black Polythene (small size) one pack
  • One other bed sheet
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Courses Offered

Below are academic programmes offered in the school:

  • Business
  • Visual Arts
  • Home Economics
  • General Science
  • General Arts

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