Prekese Syrup Prices In Ghana

By | December 11, 2021

Prekese syrup is a concentrated form of prekese that has been created with more nutrients and supplements from Prekese to boost your health.

Tetrapleura tetraptera, Prekese syrup works like how the normal prekese works only that it has been processed into a liquid form to help you bypass the preparation stage.

Due to the numerous health of Prekese, the Forestry Research Institute of Ghana (FORIG) under the Council for Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR) have began producing their own version of the Prekese syrup and it can be found in our shops and marketplaces.

Below are some of the prekese syrup and how it helps the human body.

Some Of The Benefits Of Prekese

  • Its a great immune booster
  • Heals cysts, myomas, fibroids
  • Fight against blocked tubes
  • Fight against inflammation of the uterine cervix
  • Fight against painful and heavy periods
  • Fight against dysmenorrhea
  • Fight against the loose and gaping cervix and vagina following childbirth
  • Treats infertility
  • Treats vaginal itching

Prekese Syrup Prices In Ghana

Prekese Syrup ranges from anywhere between GHC 10 to GHC 30 depending on the size of the bottle that contains the syrup.


2 teaspoonful (10mls) two(2) times daily in warm water or soup

Note: People with low blood pressure shoud take half the dosage

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