How To Burn A Bay Leaves To Attract Money 2022

By | December 11, 2021
How To Burn Bay Leaves For Money

Burning Bay Leaves For Money is another method of using bay leaf to Manifest prosperity in Ghana or any other part of the world you live today.

In today’s article guide here, I shall be taking you through how to manifest money prosperity, wealth and abundance using bay leaves.

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Let us now look at the steps involved with how to use a bay leaf to attract money, wealth and abundance prosperity. Basically anything financial or anything like money related or just free stuff that you want to attract into your life. I would like to show to you guys on how to do that with easier and simple method to follow.

So, before we proceed to that, all that you’re going to need is a pen. With this, I prefer you finding a sharpie and a bay leaf. Now I also like to use tweezers and you’re also going to need a lighter so that you could burn this. So, what you’re going to do is keep in mind your intention of how much you want to attract or how much you want your income to be financially like where do you want to be in your life or if you need money for a bill like you need 50 for your phone bill then keep that in mind or whatever amount of money that it is you want to attract. you want to write that amount on your bay leaf. now not everybody wants to attract a specific amount of money, sometimes we just want to attract like abundance into our life every day. uh like a a comfortable amount of financial income every single day so that we’re comfortable so what you would write is your name your birth date and a comfortable amount of financial income in my life every single day to live comfortably you can write something like that you can write abundance on your um bay leaf you can write prosperity on your bay leaf you can have just dollar signs on your bay leaf you can write a amount on your bay leaf.

For today, what i am going to write on my bay leaf is for today, what i want to write on my bay leaf and a burn is the word abundance because i want not just money but i want an abundance to flow into my life every single day and if it’s in the form of money then i’ll take it so i will write three dollar signs on here or i’ll just write a bunch of dollar signs on here whatever resonates with you write that after you write that you want to take your lighter and you just want to start to burn it so basically you just burn it and that’s it your intention your wish your goal is just being sent out into the heavens the ethers the universe and it’s being sent out with the energy of the bay leaf the energy of your intention.

um and it’s just a beautiful ritual it’s a beautiful process and basically that’s all you do that’s all you need to do let it go now go do whatever you need to do go do something fun like the best way to attract things into your life is to have fun there’s a very powerful energy in having fun so what you want to do with the ashes is you want to go out and blow it into the wind or you want to give it back to the earth so you can just like like throw it into the dirt in front of your house in your backyard or you can use the ashes and put it in a candle and burn it um sometimes i just throw it away to be honest so that’s basically it that’s how you use a bay leaf to attract money wealth abundance financial gain basically material stuff that you want to attract into your life now when you burn a bay leaf sometimes if your intention is strong enough you can attract these things to you quick and in ways that like will blow your mind sometimes you’ll get a hunch and you really should follow the hunch because it’s like a signal a sign a push from the universe say you wanted to attract a hundred dollars you wrote 100 on your bay leaf and you have this invitation to go to a dinner so you go to the dinner and your bill turns out to be a hundred dollars and somebody else offers to pay for your

bill that you just attracted a hundred dollars into your life that way so it doesn’t always come in the form of

cash money it can come in the form of somebody paying for you somebody giving you a gift somebody just buying something for you that you’ve been wanting it could come in so many different kinds of forms so um

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there’s a lot of people that try to attract a place to live and a lot of people think that like i need money to attract a place to live like i need the down payment i need the deposit i need this amount of cash i need monthly rent and sometimes the universe works in such incredible amazing ways like you could attract a place to live say there’s an old lady that needs a roommate she’s lonely she’s old she just needs a roommate to kind of clean up the house a little bit and just help her just a little bit and you get to stay there for like such a great discounted price you get to live in this amazing beautiful place you have one roommate but she’s like you know doing her own thing so you just never know like that’s just one example of like a million different kinds of ways that you can attract things into your life especially place to live money food there’s so many ways you can attract so many different things into your life and i feel like bay leaves help your focus they help you put your intention on something burn it release it and move on until it comes to you.

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