List Of US Embassy Ghana Jobs

By | February 11, 2022
List Of US Embassy Ghana Jobs

List Of US Embassy Ghana Jobs: The US Embassy Ghana is an equal opportunity employer. It has a diverse workforce, representing a cross-section of American society in both race and gender. All applicants are encouraged to apply. The US embassy Ghana jobs seeks candidates with diverse educational backgrounds, life experiences, and cultural perspectives.

List Of US Embassy Ghana Jobs

Below is the list of List Of US Embassy Ghana Jobs and their requirements;


Roles or duties of the secretary

  • Provides administrative, secretarial, and receptionist support to the General Services Office.
  • Prepare Time and Attendance for General Services Office (GSO) employees
  • Plan and organise meetings for the General Services Office (GSO)
  • Provide customer service and prepare correspondence for Supervisory General Services Officer (SGSO)
  • Approve and arrange information for dispatch

Administrative Assistant / Security Escort

Duties of the Administrative Assistant / Security Escort At US Embassy Ghana;

  • Provides services on an as-needed basis.
  • Developing reports
  • Provide coverage during staffing gaps
  • Provide security escorts

Travel Assistant

Check out the duties and roles of the Travel Assistant below;

  • Confirming all hotel reservations for TDyers VIP visitors, and Election observations.
  • Assist with the registration of all mission vehicles both Government owned and Privately owned vehicles coordinates third party insurance policy for registered vehicles with mission approved insurance company.
  • Processes Ghanaian Driver’s licenses for American staff.

Protocol/RSO Assistant

Duties of the RSO assistant

  • Maintains the Mission’s Contact Management Database
  • Coordinate training programs for Regional Security Officer (RSO) nominated International Law Enforcement Academy (ILEA) and Regional Training Center candidates.
  • Updates Mission diplomatic list and requests updated contacts for host government officials and cabinet members, international organizations, and other relevant contacts within Ghana.
  • Provides guidance on issues related to Ghanaian protocol matters and local customary procedures.
  • Collects, sorts, and vets correspondence
  • Coordinate and deliver Mission-produced correspondence, gratuities and documentation.

Visa Assistant

Roles of the Visa Assistant;

  • Perform clerical work relating to visa processing and perform other consular duties, such as crisis response, as required.
  • Handles nonimmigrant, immigrant, and diversity visa and other travel document processing.
  • Handles personal identifiable information (PII) and other sensitive information.
  • Accept applications and documents by inputing and verifying data
  • Prepare electronic and paper case files that is you are to draft internal and external communication Manage applicants and other consular clients


A minimum of three (3) years of experience as an administrative assistant, program assistant, or protocol support-oriented experience is required.

How To Apply

  • All person who are interested in working with the US embassy Ghana should visit the recruitment portal of US embassy and read all the description there before applying for any job position.
  • After reading through the job offer kindly click to apply for your choice oof position and provide all needed information asked
  • Click to submit your application that’s if you sure the information provided is correct.

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