List Of Tourist Attraction Sites In Western Region Of Ghana

By | February 11, 2022

This region receives the most rainfall in the entire country of Ghana. As a result, it has rich, fertile soil in which all seeds that fall to the ground have a good chance of germinating. This region also has some interesting tourist attractions that will make your visit worthwhile.

Fort Metal Cross

The British built this fortress 300 years ago as a storage for gold dust, lumber, and ultimately slaves. This tourist attraction is located on a rocky promontory overlooking Dixcove’s fishing harbor. The region is surrounded by water ideal for canoes and small boats and is located in the fishing community of Infuma. Large ships can also dock approximately 2 kilometers from the coast.

It takes about 4 hours by road and 45 minutes by flight to travel to this section of the Western region from Accra. This is one tour that promises to be exciting and educational, as the site contains so much of Ghana’s and Africa’s history, as well as the rich culture and customs of the people who live there.

Akatekyi Crocodile Pond

If you enjoy animals, especially crocodiles, make the trek to Akatekyi Crocodile Pond in the Western area. The fetish priest, also known as a traditional spiritual leader, entices the crocodiles from the water with a live foul, as is the custom for people who want to see the intriguing sight of these reptiles. As a result, visitors are advised to bring schnapps with them for libation.

Crocodiles are revered and considered sacred by the locals. They are also an integral element of the community. The pond lies around 30 kilometers west of Takoradi, the Western Region’s capital. If you can’t make it all the way to Paga Crocodile Park in the Northern region, you can have a similar experience in the Southern region.


If you’re looking for a vacation where you can view gorgeous architecture on water, Bora Bora or the Maldives are options, but Nzulezu in Ghana’s Western region offers a similar experience combined with a wonderful African flavor. The region’s biggest tourist attraction is a hamlet erected in the middle of Lake Tadane, around 90 kilometers west of Takoradi. The architecture is unique in that the dwellings are placed on stilts, creating an exciting community lifestyle that is tailored to the water conditions.

A wonderful walk through the reeds at the lake’s side, including a voyage in a dugout canoe to the settlement, is available to visitors. On all days except Thursday, this stunning landmark is open to visitors.

Bia National Park

This national park in Ghana’s western area is also a biosphere reserve, with 563 square kilometers of natural resources. It boasts some of West Africa’s tallest trees and 62 different animal species. There are also ten primate species, including chimps, three colobus species, and Pan troglodytes, among others.

Bia is also the only known home of Agama Sylvanus, a newly found lizard species. In addition, the reserve is home to around 160 different bird species. As a result, a visit to this tourist destination would be a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

Busua Beach

The Busua Beach length is a beautiful, tranquil haven for visitors. Along the shore, there are various beach resorts where people can stay or have a nice and relaxing time with friends and family. The Busua Beach Resort, for example, is a popular destination. You can enjoy a variety of water sports, horseback riding, or a delicious seafood supper by the sea.

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