How To Write Manifesto For Compound Overseer

By | October 26, 2021
Manifesto For Compound Overseer

A leader is a person who has a vision for the future. The only way to achieve this goal is by having a passion for it. A leader should be willing to make sacrifices and take risks if necessary. However, leaders are not necessarily born but made through experience and training. Students learn about leadership in school as they participate in student elections to elect new school prefects, compound prefects, entertainment perfect, and even the chaplaincy prefect. Just like politicians who wish to win elections, if you want to be a compound perfect then you must know how to write a manifesto for compound overseers.

What Is A Manifesto?

A manifesto is a public declaration of beliefs, intentions, and goals. It’s an important tool for anyone that wants to show the world what they’re all about. Manifestos can be written as a mission statement, a vision statement, or both. It summarizes the core values of the organization, or aspirants and describes how those values will be translated into day-to-day activities. 

Now that we know what a manifesto is now let’s look at how to write a good manifesto to win the position of a compound overseer or prefect.

How To Write Manifesto For Compound Overseer

The way you write your manifesto determines whether or not students will vote for you as a compound overseer. You must organize, your ideas, beliefs, and plans in a way that differentiates you from other election candidates. By reading your manifesto, let the students and the school organization understand the plans that you will use to cause positive change.

Below is an example of How To Write a Manifesto For Compound Overseer;

The Headteacher, Members of Staff, Students, Parents and Guardians, Ladies and Gentleman. It is a great pleasure to share my ideas with you on this very important day. I would like to read out my manifesto when voted as the new Compound overseer for the next academic term.

The headteacher and all protocol observed, as a compound perfect, I will work to keep my environment clean and healthy. I will use the saying “Cleanliness is next to Godliness” as my motivation and inspiration. A clean and organized environment allows for better study habits and fewer distractions.

Firstly, I will make sure that the school has sufficient bins for students to dispose of litter. These bins will be placed at all vantage points for pupils to drop their litter in them so that the school will look clean always.

Will also ensure that anyone find littering the compound will be given the appropriate punishment by the school authorities.

Furthermore, headmaster and parents, there is also a saying that when the last tree dies, the last man dies on this note, I will make sure that the trees and flowers on the compound are cared for very well through cultural practices such as pruning, thinning-out, earthling-up and watering are done regularly to enhance the beauty of the school.

The headmaster, members of staff, students, parents and guardians, ladies and gentlemen: the above duties I will carry out together with my colleague. Thank you.

Frequently Asked Questions About Manifesto For Health Prefect

You have noticed the compound is not kept tidy in your school for that reason, you want to meet the prefect of your school compound overseer, so write an agenda for the meeting.

If you have noticed the compound is not kept tidy in your school and for that reason, you would want to meet the prefect of your school compound overseer, you will have to write an agenda for the meeting. Following the steps provided above can also guide you to write this agenda perfectly.

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