How To Write A Manifesto For General Secretary

By | October 26, 2021
How To Write A Manifesto For General Secretary

Are you vying for the position of general secretary in your school and confused as to how to write a manifesto? If your answer is yes then worry no more as this article seeks to guide you on how to write a manifesto for the general secretary and give you a simple example to win the heart of the students.

What is a manifesto

It’s a written document that contains policies and plans of an organization or person who seeks the welfare of others. A manifesto is read during elections and to win any election position you need to have a great manifesto because that is what will convince your friends and the school to either vote for you or not.

How to write a manifesto

  1. Be clear and concise. Use short, simple words to explain your policies. Don’t try to sound clever – you’ll just confuse people.
  2. Explain your past experience with the school and how this will help you if you’re elected as the school general secretary.
  3. Explain your goals for the office and ensure that they are realistic and achievable.
  4. Your manifesto is about you, not your opponents.
  5. Talk about your skills that would indicate to voters your suitability for the role.
  6. It doesn’t have to be long – in fact it shouldn’t be. Short and sweet works best. You’re only allowed 200 words that will be displayed to voters on the website.
  7. Be creative and inspiring

Example of how to write a manifesto for the general secretary

Mr.Chairman, the Principal, Tutors present, Senior Colleagues and Colleagues present, Ladies and Gentlemen, I deem it a great privilege and honour to read this manifesto vying for the position of General Secretary for the Student Representative Council.

Mr.Chairman, the General Secretary is a vital position and plays a key role in the administration. This role involves supporting and representing the student body during meetings and gatherings and as such, it needs a person who is skillful and experienced to occupy the position. I vehemently believe that with my experience and skills acquired as the Circuit Secretary for Agomanya Methodist Youth Fellowship; i deem fit to be elected as the General
Secretary for the Students Representative Council, It is my utmost priority to support and represent the student body during meetings and gatherings so as to make good use of the office of the General Secretary in order to build a formidable student body.

Mr.Chairman, as the General Secretary, I will liaise with my incoming SRC president and co-executive members to negotiate with the administration to create a portal for students to check their results online instead of pasting results on the notice board. I will again support the incoming SRC president and co-executive members to help build a vibrant and united student body to serve in the collective interest of students by dedicating myself to my role, responsibilities, and duties as a General Secretary.
Mr.Chairman, Ladies, and Gentlemen, as a General Secretary, one needs to possess good communication skills, organization skills, negotiation skills, good time management skills, and problem-solving skills; and of course, with all these skills possessed by me, I will assist students to gain access to management, have their voices heard and concerns addressed. I plan to do this by ensuring that the Students Representative Council meets with the student body once every month to hear their concerns and as well address them.

Tutors present, Colleagues present, if i am elected as the General Secretary, i will assist the Student Representative Council to run a coherent and effective administration for the holistic benefit of the entire student body, I will promote transparency and serve as a link between the student body and the SRC executive members by weekly updating the student body with the Semester/ academic year activities of the school and the SRC via WhatsApp platforms.
I will also maintain effective records for the smooth running of the council. This will be done by taking minutes during every meeting and reporting on activities of the Students Representative Council.

Mr.Chairman, Tutors present, If i am elected as the General Secretary, i will liaise with the Students Representative Council to contact the Municipal Chief Executive, Member of Parliament, Non-Governmental Organizations, Philanthropist and well-wishers to make the road leading to our college motorable, i strongly believe this will raise the good image of our noble college and the community as a whole.

Mr.Chairman, the Principal, all protocols duly observed, these great visions and goals won’t be achieved without your support, prayers, and vote, therefore I humbly plead with all and sundry to vote (put your name) as the SRC General Secretary for 2021/2022 academic Year.

Thank you all and God bless you.
Mawu n3 jor ny3.
Ny)mgor aj)) ny3

Nyame nhyira Mu. Akpe na mi.
Long life Ghana!!!

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