Ghana Army Ranks And Salary

By | October 22, 2021

Do you have the desire of enlisting in the army as an officer yet you have been wondering about the salary of the officers?

Worry no more as we present you all the necessary things you need to know about the Ghana Army Ranks and their salary.


The Ghana Army is divided into two categories, the Officers, and Enlisted Officers.

Officers lead Enlisted Soldiers across all situations as supervisors, critical thinkers, key stakeholders, and strategists. are in charge of directing and instructing enlisted personnel.

Enlisted Officers: An enlisted officer is a military officer who is given a mandate by an officer but is not formally in command.

The GA rank system is organized in a line of authority identical to that of the British army, and it is organized in order of importance


You would find 9 ranks in the Ghana Army for Enlisted officers and the power structures is organised in the following.

  1. Chief Warrant Officer
  2. Warrant Officer Class I.
  3. Warrant Officer Class II.
  4. Staff Sergeant.
  5. Sergeant.
  6. Corporal.
  7. Lance-corporal.
  8. Private.
  9. Recruit – [Lowest Rank]


The Ghana army comprises ten officer ranks, with General being the highest and Second Lieutenant being the lowest. The following is a comprehensive list of the ranks of GA commissioned officers:

  1. General –  [5 Stars]
  2. Lieutenant General –  [4 Stars]
  3. Major General –  [3 Stars]
  4. Brigadier General –  [2 Stars]
  5. Colonel – [1 Stars]
  6. Lieutenant Colonel
  7. Major
  8. Captain
  9. Lieutenant
  10. Second Lieutenant – [Lowest Rank]


The Ghana Army’s structure is completely defined by your status in the military ramking. That is to say, the higher your rank, the more money you will earn. The greater the rank, the more responsibility you have assigned to you.  

The Ghana Army’s salary is not divulged to the public, but however, we conducted a small survey to see the take-home salary of the officers.  The lowest ranking officer in the Ghana Army earns 1500GHC each month.

The various officers, on the other hand, are entitled to certain allowances and incentives. However, the highest-ranking officers receive the highest allowances whilst the low ranking officers receive the small allowances.

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