Ghana Air Force Uniform

By | March 26, 2022

The Ghana Air Force (GHF) is the Ghanaian Armed Forces’ aerial warfare organizational military arm (GAF). The Ghanaian Armed Forces (GAF), which are overseen by the Ghanaian Ministry of Defence, make up the GHF, the Ghanaian army (GA), and the Ghanaian navy (GN) (MoD).

History of Ghana Air Force Uniform

Under the supervision of IAF Lt. Col. Adam Shatkay, the GHF (Ghana Air Force) began on July 24, 1959, as a Flying Training School with Israeli instructors and technicians. The School was founded as a cradle for a service that would be a complement to the Army and Navy. 

The Ghana Air Force began with a squadron of Chipmunk trainers, as well as squadrons of Beavers, Otters, and Caribou transport planes. A DH125 aircraft was also purchased for Kwame Nkrumah, as well as Hughes helicopters for insect spraying and DH Doves and Herons. Westland is a British-made helicopter.

Hanna Reitsch, Adolf Hitler’s top personal pilot, established the National School of Gliding in 1962. She worked as the school’s director, operations instructor, and trainer under the command of Air Commodore de Graft-Hayford. She also served as Kwame Nkrumah’s personal pilot from 1962 until 1966.

Uniform Meaning

The Ghana Air Force follows strict guidelines in choosing their uniform to reflect their mission and objective.

Ghana Air Force Uniform Types

Ghana’s uniforms and insignia change depending on the force, which includes the Army, Navy, and Air Force. Ghana’s ranks Insignias, like their ranks, bear a striking resemblance to those of Britain, with the only difference being the substitution of the Ghanaian coat of arms or a black star in place of the British crown. Aside from the aforementioned fact, you should be aware that the Ghanaian Air Force’s ranks and symbols are worn on the shoulders of their various uniforms. The Air Force team’s field uniform is always light blue in color. 

Ghana Air Force Uniform Samples

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