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By | March 26, 2022

The Ghana National Fire Service (GNFS) is one of the Agencies under the Ministry of the Interior. The Ghana National Fire Service is responsible for providing adequate life and property protection, as well as educating and providing technical help and advise on fire safety measures to schools, markets, MMDAs, lorry parks, and other institutions around the country. Fire Management, Rescue, and Extrication services are the principal program and project entrusted to the Service.

The mission of GNFS is to provide an efficient and valued Fire and Rescue Services, as well as meeting the Statutory requirements so as to maintain and improve on public safety from fires and related emergencies thereby protecting the people, the environment and the economy through a motivated workforce and adequate resources.


The Service was re-established by an Act of Parliament in 1997, Ghana National Fire Service Act, 1997, Act 537. The objective of the Service is to prevent and manage undesired fire. In March 2010, it was announced that the Ghana National Fire Service was to change its name to the Ghana National Fire and Rescue Service. The new mandate of the service was to operate both fire and ambulance services

Uniform meaning

Due to the professionalism, they stand for, their unform was selected to be in line with their mission and vision.

Uniform Types

The ranks in the fire service depicts what the officers wear. Below are some of the ranks in the fire service

Senior Officer Ranks

1. Chief Fire Officer (CFO)
2. Deputy Chief Fire Officer (DCFO)
3. Assistant Chief Fire Officer (ACFO)
4. Divisional Officer Grade One (DO i)
5. Divisional Officer Grade Two (DO ii)
6. Divisional Officer Grade Three (DO iii)
7. Assistant Divisional Officer Grade One (ADO i)
8. Assistant Divisional Officer Grade One (ADO ii)
9. Cadet Officer (CO) (Corps Training Into Becoming Senior Officers
At The Fire Academy And Training School (Fats)).

Junior Officer Ranks

  1. Station Officer Grade One (STN/Oi) Or Group Officer Grade One (GO I)
  2. Station Officer Grade Two (STN/Oii) Or Group Officer Grade Two (Go Ii)
  3. Assistant Station Officer (ASO) Or Deputy Group Officer
  4. Subordinate Officer (SUB/O) Or Assistant Group Officer(AGO)
  5. Leading Fireman (LFM) Or Leading Firewoman (LFW)
  6. Senior Fireman (SFM) Or Senior Firewoman (SFW)
  7. Fireman (FM) Or Firewoman (FW)
  8. Recruit Fireman (RFM) Or Recruit Friewoman (RFW)

Uniform Samples

398 FIRE SERVICE RECRUITS PASS OUT - Ministry of the Interior│Republic of  Ghana
40 SENIOR FIRE OFFICERS TO UNDERGO FURTHER TRAINING IN MALTA - Ministry of  the Interior│Republic of Ghana

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