Window blinds price in ghana

By | October 15, 2021
Window blinds price in ghana

Are you looking for the best window blinds? Do you want to buy some window blinds? Are you interested in the price of the window blinds? Do you want to know more about the prices of the window blinds? Are you looking for a company that can supply and installs your window blinds? Would you like to know more about our prices for window blinds in Ghana? This and many questions you want answers to but don’t worry anymore as latestghana has got you covered in this article titled Window blinds price in ghana.

Window blinds price in ghana

Window blinds price in ghana. We have a variety of window blinds for sale at affordable prices. These window blinds are manufactured using high-quality materials and designed to meet the needs of our customers, from those who want to enjoy privacy from prying eyes by installing a set of curtains or those who just need a little more light into their homes by installing a set of Venetian blinds.

 venetian curtains blinds in Ghana

 Venetian curtains blinds in Ghana costs from 80 to 100ghc depending on the region or town you buy them from.

 wooden blinds 

 wooden blinds is another style of window blinds sold in ghana and their prices range from 200ghc to 300ghc

Quality Turkish  window blinds 

For your offices and homes, you can buy Turkish window blinds which cost 100ghc.

 vertical blinds

Want to know vertical blinds price in Ghana? The vertical blinds are sold for 80ghc.

 zebra blinds 

The  zebra blinds are sold for 95ghc

 Modern window blinds

 Modern window blinds are suitable for homes, hotels, and offices. The price is only GHC 99 per square meter.

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