University Of Ghana (UG) Halls Of Residence

By | September 14, 2021

University Of Ghana (UG) Legon is the premier university in Ghana having been established before any other university in the country.

We are taking a look at the various halls you can find at the University of Ghana(Legon).

There are enough Halls of Residence for both undergraduate and post-graduate students. There are five halls of residence (available to all students) and several Hostels. 

Each Hall has junior (students) and senior (academic and senior administrative and professional staff) members, and is governed by a Council made up of individuals elected by the Hall’s members. The Head of the Hall is the Master (or Warden in the case of Volta Hall). For students and faculty, each hall contains a Junior and Senior Common Room.

Each Hall contains a kitchen and a dining hall to accommodate the needs of the students. The different religious denominations are given space within the halls to use for their worship.

Below are the list of the halls.


Legon Hall was the first to be built on the permanent site of the University and it was converted into a
mixed Hall of Residence in October, 1991.


Akuafo Hall was established in 1953.The Hall was converted into a mixed Hall of Residence in October, 1991.


The first batch of students was admitted into residence in Commonwealth Hall at the beginning of the 1956-1957 academic year.


Volta Hall is the only completely female Hall of Residence in the University commissioned on 16th November, 1960.


Mensah Sarbah Hall is located stands in the southern part of the university. The Hall consists of the main Hall built around a quadrangle and a number of Annexes standing to the north and east. The Hall’s motto is: Knowledge, Honour, Service – after the mantra of the late John Mensah Sarbah’s life.

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