TV Stations Shut Down In Ghana 2021

By | April 23, 2021
TV Stations Shut Down In Ghana 2021

These are the list of TV stations to shut down in Ghana — by the National Communication Authority.

The National Communications Authority (NCA) in Ghana has served a notice to shut down over 49 TV Stations operating illegally without license.

In a statement released by the National Communication Authority (NCA) of Ghana, it states that there will be a shutdown of forty-nine (49) TV stations due broadcast operations that go against the Section 2(4) of the  Electronic Communication Act 775 of 2008. The Act states that; “Except as provided by this Act or any other law not inconsistent with this Act, a person shall not operate a broadcasting system or provide a broadcasting service without a frequency authorization by the Authority.”

According to the Electronic Communication Act 775 of 2008, nobody is entitled to operate without having frequency authorization from the National Communication Authority.

The main objective of the shutdown according to critical media observers indicates that – this will be an effort taken by the NCA to deal with content on Ghanaian airwaves.

NCA Shutdown Address On TV Rituals In Ghana

In recent times, Ghana has seen a rise in spiritualists and money doublers who are advertising charms and rituals on various television stations across the nation.

There are no other things being advertised by these spiritualists on TV stations in Ghana than how to become rich, travel abroad, fertility and potency. With this, the Minister of Communication, Ursula Owosu Akufo has addressed on social media – indicating that one of the stations that is being shutdown was advertising ‘Sika gari’ by the station owner. Police and NCA officers shut down Nana Agradaa’s Thunder TV and Ice1 TV.

With that, the Minister of Communication and Digitalization stated that – there has been an arrest of the TV station owner, Patience Asiedua aka Nana Agradaa who used to advertise how the gods can multiply your money for you.

Authorities are investigating Nana Agradaa who’s inside the Ghana Police custody. Nana Agraada is the owner of Thunder TV and Ice1 TV – who is operating illegally without license from Kasoa, Central Region.

TV Stations Shutdown in Ghana: Background And Overview

There has been numerous issues that created the awareness of the Television stations shutdown in Ghana but one of the major reasons for the shutdown by the National Communication Authority (NCA) of Ghana is the murder of the a ten (10) year old boy by two (2) teenagers in Kasoa.

Early April 2021, the Ghana Police Service arrested two suspects with names; Felix Nyarko, 16 years and Nicholas Kiki, 18 years over the murder of their friend for money ritual in Kasoa.

According to the two (2) suspects, their concluded with their statements that – a spiritualist contacted on a TV station directed them to bring virgin de@d body with GHS 5,000 for the money rituals.

This instruction made them to go ahead with a plan to kidnap the innocent boy, Ishmael Mensah and asking his mother to pay GHS 5,000. Police took the heed to arrest the fetish priestess from her hideout in Eastern Region.

NCA Shutting Down 49 Illegally Operating TV Stations In Ghana

The National Communication Authority (NCA) as a result in shutting down 49 TV stations or channels operating without license in Ghana, these are some of the TV stations listed here: Cash TV, Face TV, Lion TV, NTV, Kwaku Bonsam TV, Apple TV, Iron TV, Thunder TV, Ice1 TV, Abapa TV, Serwaa TV, Nazareth TV and others.

With report from NCA, there has been an exercise done in collaboration with the Ghana Police Service and the National Security Intelligence Operatives – to continue monitoring to ensure that the use of the spectrum is done in an efficient manner in Ghana.

The National Communications Authority (NCA) in shutting down 49 television stations for operating without license in Ghana, these are the full list of the 49 TV stations to be shut down by NCA.

In summary, the National Communication Authority (NCA) to shut down 49 TV stations for operating illegally without license in Ghana. This forms part of a continuous monitoring exercise that is being conducted on the various Satellite Free-to-Air Television platforms that are using the Broadcast Monitoring System (BMS) and the Radio Spectrum Monitoring System (RSMS).

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