Toyota Vitz Price In Ghana 2021

By | October 17, 2021

Toyota Vitz is the most awaited SUV of this year. It has been on the market for decades now and it is still one of the best cars to drive. It is a car that will give you lots of joy when you are driving it. It is easy to assume that all cars are created equal.

However, the truth of the matter is that there are many factors to consider before making a purchase. The kind of car you choose should depend on your lifestyle and how you intend to use it. For instance, if you want a car for city driving and light errands around town, then a small hatchback, such as the Toyota Vitz would be an excellent choice. Another important factor to remember when buying a new or used vehicle.

The Toyota Vitz is a supermini car sold in Japan, since 1999. It was also sold in some countries of Latin America, Southeast Asia, and Europe. The first-generation car was powered by the 1NZ-FE engine with 5-speed manual transmission.

Toyota Vitz Price In Ghana 2021

How much does a Toyota Vitz cost? To get a brand new Toyota Vitz in Ghana you need to have at least 44,407ghc to 350, 000ghc.

Model / YearPrice of a used car  Price of a new car  Engine Capacity
Toyota VitzUS$650 – US$21,619US$7,177 – US$35,008996 – 1,797cc
Toyota Vitz 2005US$900 – US$4,630US$9,189 – US$14,152996 – 1,496cc
Toyota Vitz 2001US$2,022 – US$5,334US$7,177 – US$13,959997 – 1,496cc
Toyota Vitz 2000US$1,790 – US$2,699US$7,395 – US$13,828997 – 1,496cc

Toyota Vitz Models

  • Toyota Vitz 2018/5
  • Toyota Vitz 2018/4
  • Toyota Vitz 2017/10
  • Toyota Vitz 2017/9
  • Toyota Vitz 2017/1
  • Toyota Vitz 2015/12
  • Toyota Vitz 2015/6
  • Toyota Vitz 2015/4
  • Toyota Vitz 2014/4
  • Toyota Vitz 2013/9
  • Toyota Vitz 2012/12
  • Toyota Vitz 2012/5
  • Toyota Vitz 2010/12
  • Toyota Vitz 2009/8
  • Toyota Vitz 2008/9
  • Toyota Vitz 2007/8
  • Toyota Vitz 2005/2
  • Toyota Vitz 2004/5
  • Toyota Vitz 2002/12
  • Toyota Vitz 2001/12
  • Toyota Vitz 2000/8
  • Toyota Vitz 1999/1

Conclusion: The Toyota Vitz is a great car. It has a good engine, looks good and it’s very affordable. It comes with a lot of standard features too which make it an excellent value for money in the market. If you want to buy a car, take a look at this model before making your decision!

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