Top 5 Wholesale Business Opportunities In Ghana 2021

By | November 4, 2021
How To Start A Profitable Wholesale Business In Ghana

This article has much to educate you about the top 5 wholesale business opportunities in Ghana you can start with a small or little amount of capital.

What is Wholesaling?

Wholesaling is the act of selling your products in bulk to a retailer at a discounted price. Retailers may also buy from manufacturers or may produce the products themselves.

This is how it goes; the manufacturer makes the product, the wholesaler will buy from the manufacturer, and retailers will buy from wholesalers and sell it to individuals. 

Why Wholesaling is a Good opportunity in Ghana?

Wholesaling is very important in Ghana because wholesalers are mostly good in marketing; they have trained sales force to sell products or services to the right buyers.

They also help the manufacturer to concentrate more on production than marketing.

Wholesalers enable consumers to get small quantities of products easily by brilliant packaging and delivering services.

Wholesalers also help in advertising products.

Wholesale Business Opportunities in Ghana

These are some of the wholesale business opportunities in Ghana you can start today with little amount of money.

Drinks and Beverages

There are fruit drinks, energy drinks, and beverages manufacturers in the country, including Multi-Pac Ltd, Healthline Beverages Ltd, Frutelli Ltd, The Juice Factory, etc.

Wholesalers can buy from these manufacturers and sell to retailers to make profits.

This is an excellent opportunity because of its high demand. Most people rely on energy drinks as their source of energy, and others cool down their hot afternoon with these drinks and beverages. 


Textiles are very active in the market all the time: both local ones and foreign ones. Many manufacturers sell the best quality textiles in the country, such as Akosombo Textiles, Printex, etc. Wholesalers can buy from these people and send them to the market to make some profit.

Phones and Accessories

Phones and accessories are very fit in the market. Almost everybody at the age of 18 and above use one or more phones. Since most gadgets and accessories are fragile, that means it is easy to spoil. This causes the demand for these accessories. 

The best way to make more profit from this as a wholesaler is to import from China or Dubai.

Plastic Products

Plastic products such as bowls, chairs, tables, and other cooking materials are strong in the market because of their affordability. Very expensive to buy a whole chair and a table, so people manage to buy these plastic products, of which some can last for years.

There are also some manufacturers in the country that you can buy from and sell to your clients as a wholesaler. Such manufacturers are InterPlast, Qualiplast, Ghana Rubber Company, Duraplast, etc.


Stationeries consist of writing and other office materials, including pens, books, rulers, etc. People use these materials all the time. This means people are also buying it all the time.

You can get some manufacturing companies in the countries to buy from them. Also, you can contact international manufacturers if you prefer it that way.

If you are considering How To Start A Profitable Wholesale Business In Ghana, then I believe this article has served as a guide for you in 2021.

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