Top News & Information Websites To Follow In Ghana 2021

By | October 28, 2021
Top News & Information Websites To Follow In Ghana

Top news and informational websites in Ghana are in the provision of anything entirely in Ghana as means of providing information to average Ghanaian internet readers.

If you are looking for the latest entertainment news in Ghana, current news that has all the gists you may want to be fed with, then look further no more than any of these entertainment and news websites in Ghana. These websites are the major source to confirm your everyday news in Ghana on a regular base.

These are the list of top websites to follow and read latest entertainment news and information in Ghana 2021.


GhanaWeb is the first website in Ghana that publishes the latest news and anything online to average Ghanaian internet lovers. GhanaWeb was established in 1999 under a private Dutch company.
The website provides everyday news to Ghanaians and has more on public profile for individuals in Ghana.


MyJoy Online is one of the best website to follow and read latest entertainment and news in Ghana.
Multimedia Broadcasting Limited is the founding company for Joy FM, My Joy Online, Joy TV and more digital products.

Joy FM is a radio station founded in 1995 in Accra – serving as Ghana’s first English-speaking private radio station in Ghana.

Graphic Online

The Graphic NewsPlus is in charge of operating Graphic Online as an online news provision portal.
For latest entertainment and news, you can always check out Graphic Online.

The company operates six (6) leading newspaper publications, namely; The Daily Graphic, Graphic Showbiz, Graphic Business, The Mirror, Graphic Sports and Junior Graphic.

When you come to Ghana, Peace FM Online is noted as Ghana’s leading news website that provides everyday updates in the nation. Under Despite Media Group, shows live streaming of audio news casting to its cherished readers online.

Citi FM Online

Citi FM Online is under Citi FM – that is a radio station owned by Omni Media Limited in Accra.

Adom Online

For the best news and vital information across Ghana, look no further than Adom. With Adom FM, Adom TV — the media house provides accurate news on time to everyday Ghanaian person.

The media company believing that not always that you can be with your TV or Radio to listed or watch news, you can also read news online from the company’s web portal —

First in News, best in Entertainment. TV3 has been there since decades and becoming one of the best news and entertainment providers in Ghana — with all general news and information updates. You are always free to navigate to the official website for TV3 in Ghana to read latest news online.

Ghana Insider

In Ghana, if you are looking for the best information portal to visit for your everyday update, then look no further than the website — Ghana Insider.

Ghana Insider is your number one go to portal for everything related to Ghana. Tech in Ghana, Finance, Pricing, Tourism, Directory Listing. There are other interesting information you can find from Ghana Insider as an information portal with everything in Ghana and one of such is the Ghana Salary Structure, Farming, Home & Decor, Fashion And Beauty.

Though there are many websites that give news and updates in Ghana, these are the few ones we have in our list and will keep on updating you as news and information reader online.

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