Top 10 Richest Men And Their Net Worth In Ghana 2021

By | May 16, 2022
richest men in Ghana 2021

Ghana is a country that is blessed with many riches, and comes with numerous natural resources that have valuable trading profits both local and international. Many business moguls are able to make use of the natural resources in Ghana to attain their wealth.

In Ghana, many people had the intention that — when it comes to the richest men in the country, it has to go by the popular personalities we knew such as Hon. Kennedy Agyapong, Osei Kwame Despite, Dr. Kweku Oteng and the likes. But there are many richest men that are business moguls in Ghana with an estimated billions of dollars.

On Latest Ghana today, we have for you on the list of Top 10 Richest Men And Their Net Worth In Ghana accordingly in 2021.

Charles Ampofo

Charles Ampofo is the first richest man in ghana. He is a business mogul who owns many reputable business firms across Ghana. Charles Ampofo is the CEO and manager of Kampac Group with its main branch office in Dubai, UAE.

Charles Ampofo Net Worth

Charles Ampofo is estimated at a net worth of $1.46 billion in Ghana

Ernesto Taricone

Ernesto Taricone was born on 1948 in Italy, and came to Ghana in 1968 with his gather and two (2) brothers as at a teen age. Ernesto Taricone is an industrial investor and a civil engineer. Ernesto Taricone is a self made billionaire who is into a Real Estate business being the Executive Chairman and CEO of Trasacco Group.

Despite being into a Real Estate business, Ernesto Tericone has other businesses that focused on areas like; Agriculture, Forestry, Mining, Construction and Real Estate Development.

Ernesto Taricone Net worth

If you are finding out about the richest men in Ghana and asking how much is the net worth of Ernesto Taricone, then Ernesto Taricone is estimated at a net worth of $1.3 billion in Ghana.

In summary, Ernesto Taricone is the owner of Trasacco Estate Development Company (TEDC) and illaggio Vista Condominium which is now a landmark in Accra for being the tallest building in Ghana.

Sir Sam E. Jonah

Samuel Esson Jonah was born on 19 November 1949 in Cape Coast. Sir Sam E. Jonah is a Ghanaian businessman, the current chancellor of the University of Cape Coast. He is the executive chairman of Jonah Capital, an equity fund based in Johannesburg, South Africa. Jonah was previously president of AngloGold Ashanti and shared the strategic leadership of the company with its CEO, Bobby Godsell.

In Ghana, Sir Sam E. Jonah has a strong holding company and private business firm Jonah Capital Limited that invests in the mining sector, real estate, agriculture, constructions, financial services, oil and gas services.

Sir Sam E. Jonah Net worth

Sir Sam E. Jonah is estimated at a net worth of $1.2 billion in Ghana.

Nabil Edmond Moukarzel

Nabil Edmond Moukarzel is the 3rd richest man among the top ten richest men and women in Ghana.

Nabil Edmond Moukarzel is a business mogul who owns a largest share portion in FinaTrade Group. FinaTrade Group is a company that deals in commodities.

Nabil Edmond Moukarzel Net worth

Nabil Edmond Moukarzel is estimated at a net worth of $900 million in Ghana.

Ibrahim Micheal Mahama

Ibrahim Micheal Mahama was born on the 29th January, 1971 — to the family of Emmanuel Adama Mahama.

Ibrahim Micheal Mahama has numerous business firms that are operating in Ghana, and contributing to the growth of the GDP of the Economy. Ibrahim Micheal Mahama is the founder of Dzata Cement in Ghana, owns Engineers and Planners, a company focused on mining, construction and civil works, consulting services and hiring heavy-duty equipment.

Ibrahim Mahama is the younger brother of the former president of Ghana, John Dramani Mahama.

Ibrahim Micheal Mahama Net worth

Ibrahim Micheal Mahama is estimated at a net worth of $860 million in Ghana.

Alhaji Mohammed Ahmed Odaymat

Mohammed Ahmed Odaymat is a Ghananian but of Lebanese descent to mention. Alhaji Mohammed Ahmed Odaymat previously worked for Toyota Ghana before buying the BBC Industrial Company in 1978.

Alhaji Mohammed Ahmed Odaymat is the chairman of IPMC, that is a company focusing on developing a digital economy in the region through system integration, IT skill-development programms, Software development.

Alhaji Mohammed Ahmed Odaymat with his hard working experience for success, he established Rana Motors & Metal Works Engineering Co. Ltd.

Alhaji Ahmed Odaymat Net worth

Alhaji Mohammed Ahmed Odaymat is estimated at a net worth of $850 million in Ghana.

The Irani Family

Maybe you might not be familiar with The Irani Family but let me mention The Two Brothers (T.T. Brothers) for your better understanding. These have people of Anthony Irani and Edmund Irani mostly referred as Irani Family, living in Ghana but of Lebanese descent.

These brothers founded the Irani Brothers and Others Limited as a manufacturing company that produces flour in 1967.

The Irani Family Net worth

The Irani Family is estimated at a net worth of $800 million in Ghana.

The Kalmoni Family

The Awuah-Darko Family comes in the 8th position of richest in Ghana. The The Awuah-Darko Family has names from Jalal Kalmoni, Salem Kalmoni, Nouhad Kalmoni, Salah Kweku Kalmoni that are jointly.

The Kalmoni Family is the successors of the Salem Kalmoni’s fortunes, who is the late patriarch of the Kalmoni Family — a Lebanese immigrant to arrived in Ghana before there was the first world war.

Under Kalmoni & Sons, you can find other subsidiary companies such as:

  • Japan Motors Trading Compa­ny LTD,
  • Modern Auto Services
  • Silver Star Auto
  • Silver Star Tower
  • Lakeside Estate,
  • Advanced Construc­tion and
  • Oman Fofor Trading Company Lim­ited – all as subsidiaries.

The Kalmoni Family Net worth

The Kalmoni Family is estimated at a net worth of $700 million in Ghana.

Kwabena Duffuor

Many Ghanaians know this man for sure. Dr. Kwabena Duffour had a in Economics from the University of Ghana, and an MBA from Syracuse University in New York, United States.

Dr. Kwabena Duffuor was appointed as the Finance Minister of Ghana by John Atta Mills in National Democratic Congress government in February 2009.

Kwabena Duffuor is a former Governor of the Bank of Ghana from July 1997 to Sep 2001 — before being appointed as Finance Minister of Ghana in 2009.

With much businesses contributing to the net worth of Dr. Kwabena Duffuor as his assets, He is the founder and chairman of HODA Holdings, a business entity comprising Insurance, Banking, Real Estates, Farming, Mining and Media. He is also the founder and president of the Institute for Fiscal Studies in Ghana, a non-profit think-tank providing economic advocacy and training which he established in March, 2013. He is also the founder of uniBank which controversially collapsed in 2018.

Kwabena Duffuor Net worth

Kwabena Duffuor is estimated at a net worth of $680 million in Ghana.

The Awuah-Darko Family

The Awuah-Darko Family has an insurance company that Nana Awuah-Darko Ampem founded. From the The Awuah-Darko Family, you can have a noble person like Nana Awuah Darko Ampem who began as an insurance broker in ghaan before there was a law that prevented government agencies from dealing with insurance brokers in Ghana. He died in 2005, and the family took over his insurance broker firm.

From the list of companies, you can have Vanguard Assurance that operates as an insurance company in Ghana.

The Awuah-Darko Family Net worth

The Awuah-Darko Family is estimated at a net worth of $650 million in Ghana.

Ghana is blessed richest from its natural resources. It will surprise you on how these richest men in Ghana today are able to utilize on the gifted resources and minerals to acquire wealth in the country.

Despite the businesses most of these richest men in Ghana have, they do have side hustle businesses and one of these is to start a poultry farming in Ghana.

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