Top 10 Popular Ghanaian Foods You Need To Give A Try

By | August 23, 2021
Top 10 Ghanaian Foods To Try

These are the top 10 popular foods you ought to give it a try in Ghana in 2021.

Descending to the Western part of Africa, Ghana is one of the popular countries that has numerous natural resources and a place to enjoy healthy foods that are very nutritious.

Despite Ghana being a country with numerous natural resources, Ghana is also known to be one of the peaceful country found in West Africa and ranked as the third most peaceful countries across the globe.

Doing away with the natural resources, healthy and nutritious foods, Ghana is also known as best tourist attraction country with varieties of tourist sites and few to mention are Kaakum National Park, Kintampo Water falls, Boti Falls, Paga Crocodile pond and many more.

Our article today is channeled on the top 10 most popular Ghanaian foods you need to give them a try at any part of the world. From the taste of crops such as Plantains, Cassava, Millet, Beans and Corn. These are the Ghanaian foods listed below for you.


Any part of Ghana, Fufu is enjoyed as a local food with the addition of specially prepared soup — either Light soup, Ground nut soup or Palm nut soup.

Fufu is prepared by either blend of Cassave and Plaintain, Cocoyam and Cassava, Plaintain and Cocoyam or Yam and Cassava — pounded to get mixture as Fufu.

Banku and Tilapia

From the cheers, freeze and all the breezes, you need to also give a local food a try in Ghana. Banku and tilapia is one solid meal you can have a great taste of — from the mix of corn dough mixed with cassava dough. From the enjoyment of banku, you can add Tilapia or a specially prepared groundnut soup or palm nut soup.

Banku with Okro stew is another tasty meal you can give a try. Despite the tasty aroma from Banku and any other soup or stew, the local food helps you take in more water since it is heavy food.

Though Banku used to be the special food prepared by the Ewe tribes from Volta Region in Ghana, it is now a common local food found in any household in Ghana.


When you pay a visit to the Ewes from Volta Region in Ghana, Akple is prepared from corn flour that is boiled with hot water and stirred to make it solid in its shape.

You can enjoy Akple from its specially prepared aroma with pepper and Tilapia or any soup of your choice.

Ga Kenkey

Whenever you descend to some areas in Ga such as Teshie, Nungua, Mamprobi, Labadi, Osu, Chorkor, Adjiringanor, Hatso or Westland, and many others, the Ga Kenkey is a special meal served with addition of Tilapia or Sardine.

Ga as a tribe in Greater Accra Region of Ghana makes the Ga Kenkey very interesting to give it a try.

Tuo Zaafi

Though Tuo Zaafi was meant to be foods for the tribes from Northern Region, it is now generalized as food that is enjoyed by many Ghanaians at other parts of the country.

A special Tuo Zaafi prepared with ‘Ayoyo’ soup and served with meat can make your whole day a memorable moments. Tuo Zaafi as shortened TZ is healthy since it is prepared and served with herbs and leaves that is the ‘Ayoyo’.


With addition of gari, Spaghetti and avocado, Waakye with fish or meat can be a tasty meal you can enjoy as a local Ghanaian food. Waakye is prepared from rice and beans as a traditional dish you must give a try in Ghana.

Waakye comes with some tasty aroma when it is served in leave with Egg, Spaghetti and Salad from any Waakye joint in Ghana.

Omo tuo

Rice ball served with groundnut or palm nut soup has a tasty moments to make you fall in love with the food. The rice ball is called omo tuo which is a traditional food in Ghana that comprises soft-boiled grains molded into balls and can be enjoyed with either groundnut soup or palm nut soup at home, office or tourist site.


Boiled Yam or Plantain served with Kontomire is what is termed as ‘Ampesi’ as a local Ghanaian food to give a try today.

Kontomire is known to be a good and healthy for human health from its natural nutritious properties. Kontomire is a cocoyam leave that is boiled and used for preparing stew to enjoy with cooked yam or plantain.


Many people don’t even know there is a local or traditional food in Ghana you can enjoy called Etew. Mostly prepared by the fantes from Western North, Western and Central regions of Ghana — the etew has tasty aroma as a Ghanaian food you can give a try. Just like Banku specially prepared by the Ewes from Volta Region of Ghana, etew is prepared without cassave dough.

Beans And Gari

A local food such as Beans and Gari shall never be missed by a Ghanaian. Never! The general term is ‘Gobe’ that is a boiled cowpea beans and served with palm oil and fried plantain.

Despite the nutritious benefits from Cowpea beans, you can enjoy with a natural taste that comes with a sweet aroma.

Anytime you are any part of the world and want to enjoy a new taste of meal, kindly give any of these Ghanaian foods a try and you shall never regret.

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