Top 10 Highest Paying Jobs In Ghana

By | June 13, 2022

Because we have huge responsibilities and bills to pay, everyone strives to acquire a job with a good source of income as grownups. And, to some measure, the people in your income bracket determines a lot, from where you reside to the types of people you’ll probably interact with.

With everything getting tougher by the day and a big influx of university graduates into the system, it’s a good idea to look at the list of professions that pay a little more than the ordinary Ghanaian earns in order to live the life of your dreams. Graduates who meet the qualifications for the positions are encouraged to apply since a good-paying job will allow them to live the decent lives they deserve.

With this in perspective, we spent some time investigating Ghana’s highest-paying jobs. While some of these jobs pay right away, others require you to put in some effort.

Top 10 Highest Paying Jobs In Ghana

Below are some of the highest paying jobs that you should consider in 2022 and beyond in Ghana.


Blogging is one of Ghana’s fastest-growing self-employment sectors, in which a person posts news on the internet for others to see based on the niche they choose to focus on.  As the expression goes, nothing is exciting at first unless you get along well with it. It  takes a lot of time and devotion  to be a blogger as it takes a significant amount of time, and some bloggers have been able to make between 1500 and 3000 GHC every month as a result of their efforts.

Engineering/ Oil and Gas

The take-home salary of engineers is very encouraging. Even though some engineers make more than others depending on the type of engineering course they specialise in, for instance, those who specialise in oil and gas may earn slightly more than those who specialise in electronic engineering.

That isn’t to say they don’t make good money. Engineers also like being pushed on a regular basis at work, which is why they are continually coming up with new ideas.

Chief Executive Officers

CEOs are primarily responsible for the success or failure of complete organizations. Their huge remuneration is due to the vast scope of impact as well as the high risks involved.

IT Consultants/ Security Experts

Security experts are people who have specialised in a certain field of security so that they can provide their clients with the most up-to-date security advise.

For one reason or another, many corporations, high-profile persons, and celebrities require security specifics; this is where your expertise comes in handy. They do not have a fixed amount of money they charge and they charge depending on the nature of the contract.

Surgeons and Doctors

Surgeons and doctors are two good careers in the health sector that pay well. With how demanding and their short supply in the country, it  makes them a hot cake. Most people consider these occupations to be difficult to pursue.

Judges and Lawyers

They are an essential part of Ghana’s government. One crucial element that keeps Ghana’s government in place is the judicial system. They are responsible for guiding the constitution, hearing cases, and ensuring that laws are not broken. Despite the fact that they are not armed, they command respect throughout the country so they get a lot of money at the end of the month.

Shipping Supervision

Shipping supervisors oversee the shipping and receiving departments for distribution companies. They usually work in warehouses and ensure the proper shipping and timely delivery of products. Shipping supervisors may be required to work overnight shifts as well as holidays and weekends so they are compensated well.

Fuel Handlers

In Ghana, fuel handlers are professional individuals who are responsible for pumping airline gasoline into planes or other devices that require fuel. Their responsibilities also include delivering large amounts of fuel to commercial airlines, supplying energy to industries, and so on. They are educated and rewarded for safely storing fuel.

College Professors

Professors at colleges and universities are among the highest-paid and most prestigious professions. It takes a lot of hard work and perseverance to become a professor, which is one of the reasons they make so much money.


Football, boxing, track and field events, golf, and other sports are all part of the athletics field. It’s a very fulfilling field, but you need to put in your best and work for years before you could be the greatest at it.

Not only do you earn well as an athlete, but you also obtain endorsement deals from sports firms that want you to promote their brand makes the amount of money they rake in high.

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