Teachers Ranks In GES And Their Various Salaries And Allowances

By | November 4, 2021

Are you a young man or woman who is looking forward to becoming a teacher someday to come? Then you are at the perfect place to know in detail what becoming a teacher requires of you. In Ghana here, one of the most underrated professions you can come across is teaching. Teachers are abundant but when it comes to their salary, then it turns into a different thing altogether.

In this article, I am going to throw more light concerning the salaries and allowances offered to teachers in Ghana.


The salary of teachers in the Ghana Education Service (GES) is arranged from the lowest rank to the highest rank according to their grades.

The salary levels start at 25.1, 24.1., 20.1, 18.1. 16.1…etc. The projections are made according to the 2021 Single Spine Salary Structure released by the Ministry of Finance.

The following are the various positions ranked from the highest to the lowest.

  • Director General
  • Deputy Director
  • Assistant Director I
  • Assistant Director II
  • Principal Superintendent
  • Senior Superintendent I
  • Senior Superintendent II
  • Superintendent II
  • Superintendent I
  • Teacher


The highest rank in the GES is Director-General. The rank is determined by a sitting government’s political appointee based on the GES Council’s recommendations. This implies that anyone who is chosen as a Director-General work for a maximum of four (4) years before leaving the government to which he or she was assigned. The Director-General of GES has specific roles that help the government achieve better teaching methods. The DG of GES is paid good allowances such as clothing allowances, travel allowances, etc. The salary level of the DG is 25 with an annual salary of GHS75, 050.10. Dividing the annual salary by the 12 months will be equal to GHS6,254.175. Hence the monthly gross salary of the DG of GES is GHS6,254.175.


In the unavailability of the Director-General, the Deputy Director-General assumes leadership. There are two deputy directors at GES. Quality and assurance is overseen by a deputy director, while management service is overseen by an acting director. Their only mission is to give technical and administrative assistance to the Director-General in order to assist the Ghana Education Service in meeting its objectives. As a result, they assist in the coordination of the operations of other divisions within the GES. The Deputy Director-General of GES is paid at the position of 24 with a yearly salary of GHS65,581.98. GHS 5,465.165 is the result of dividing the number by 12 months. This indicates that the DD receives GHS 5,465.165 as a monthly salary.


The Assistant Director I’s job is to keep a record of the Ministry of Education’s directives as they are executed. Before being advanced to the top position, an individual must first serve for three years as an Assistant Director II. After passing the GES’s yearly promotion entrance examination, an employee can be elevated. With an annual pay of GHS37,600.45, this rank’s average salary level is 20. When you divide this by one year, you get GHS3,133.370 as a monthly gross.


Assistant Director I has the following rank as a deputy. They support Assistant Director I in the performance of his or her duties and responsibilities. A minimum of three (3) years as a Senior Superintendent in GES is required before one is eligible for the above rank. The salary level for GES employees in this position is 18, with a total yearly wage of GHS29,1999.72. This equates to a net monthly pay of GHS2,433.31.


The Principal Superintendent (PS) rank is attained in GES when one serves for a minimum of 5-years or more under the Senior Superintendent I rank. However, persons who get recruited using their degree certificate are put on the above rank without having to pass through the senior superintendent rank. They are put in charge of managing schools in the circuits and they are also responsible for managing the classrooms. The salary level for the above rank is 16 with an annual gross of GHS23,852.14. Dividing this by 12 months will give you a monthly salary gross of GHS1,987.678.


When a teacher has worked under the senior superintendent II position for four (4) years with promising work production, he or she qualifies for this position. They are normally graduates of a college of education with a diploma. Teachers in this position are paid at a rate of $15 per hour. With a monthly gross of GHS1,766.441, the annual gross is GHS21,197.30.


Teachers who are diploma holders are rightly put in this position after recruitment by the GES. They are mostly college graduates who graduate with diploma certificates. SALARY LEVEL: 14. ANNUAL GROSS: GHS18,837.96. MONTHLY GROSS: GHS1,569.83


This position involves unprofessional individuals in the GES. Unprofessional here implies that individuals who did not study or read education as a course but have found their way to work with the GES. These can be individuals who entered the teaching profession with a non-educational certificate. This can be WASSCE/SSSCE holders HND holders and the likes. The salary level is 12 with an annual total salary of GHS14,877.87. THE MONTHLY GROSS SALARY IS GHS1,239.823

The following are some of the allowances enjoyed by teachers.


When it comes to the Teaching Department in Ghana, teachers are given a whole lot of privileges such as transfer grants, acting allowances, allowance for directors and many others especially to those in rural areas. These allowances that are given to teachers enable them to save some money they could spend on certain necessities for other crucial purposes in order to relieve them of their stress.

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