Taiwan Female Names And Their Meaning

By | February 7, 2022

Taiwanese names are generally poetic and have a profound significance attached to them.

The surname is provided before their official first names in Taiwanese society. The surname is normally one syllable long, while the initial name is usually one to two syllables long.

Taiwan is an East Asian country and it is   bordered on the northeast by Japan, and on the south by the Philippines.

In Taiwanese society, it is usual for a woman to keep her family’s Taiwanese surname after she marries. Children take on their patriarchal family names, which implies they take on the surname of their father.
Children take on their patriarchal family names, which implies they take on the surname of their father. Traditional Taiwanese baby names have a lovely flow to them when spoken and have deep significance.

Because of the western impact in Taiwan, it is usual for the younger generation to have popular English first names, which are often straight translations of their traditional names and are sometimes chosen for ornamental purposes.

According to Taiwanese tradition, a baby’s name reflects the person’s personality and is linked to the child’s destiny, as names will remain with the child for the remainder of his or her life. In Taiwan, having a correct name is extremely essential. In Taiwan, various aspects are considered when bestowing good luck on a baby: the meaning, the sound, the strokes of the name, the time of birth, the zodiac sign, and the five fundamental elements, namely metal, wood, and water, fire, and earth.

Below are some of the female Taiwanese names that may amuse you

  • Akemi – the beauty of dawn.
  • Annya – peace and sustenance.
  • Chia-Jung – good and beautiful.
  • Chi-Ling– excellent and beautiful.
  • Hsiai-Han – dwarf bamboo
  • Ing-Wen – the English language
  • Shu-Ching –pure, virtuous, and clear
  • Su-Wei – pure and clear
  • Yi – Hsuan – joy, pleasure and harmony
  • Yu-Ting – star, jade structure, building, and house
  • Hachi – eight
  • Chia-Hao – orchid (a plant that has beautiful flowers with stripes and spots)
  • Chia-Wei – light, power, lofty
  • Da-Xia – long summer
  • Guan – Yin – the Chinese Bodhisattva Goddess of mercy and kindness
  • Hui -fang – pleasant fragrance (name is of Chinese origin)
  • Hui-Feng – benefit or phoenix Jiya-Ling – good and beautiful
  • Mei-Ling – beautiful and delicate Shu-fen – charming fragrance
  • Shu-Hua – deliberate beauty
  • Akina – relations/ spring flower
  • Ayako – beautiful silk Ayame – iris flower
  • Daitan – daring / bold one
  • Daruma – famous Buddhist
  • Eiko – prosperity
  • Emiyo – beautiful generation
  • Ena – a gift from God
  • Eshima – true blessed intention
  • Ezume – pure water
  • Gen – spring
  • Gin – silver Hama – shore
  • Hana – blossom/flower
  • Hanako – flower child
  • Hanami – beauty/flower
  • Hanan – flower child
  • Haneen – flower child
  • Haru – spring
  • Harumi – spring/ beauty

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