Suppressor Height Sights And Everything You Need To Know

By | May 29, 2023

Suppressor height sights, also known as tall sights or raised sights, are specifically designed to be used with firearms equipped with suppressors. When a suppressor is attached to a firearm, it raises the overall height of the barrel, which can interfere with the sight picture when using standard sights. Suppressor height sights are taller than regular sights, allowing the shooter to maintain a proper sight alignment and clear line of sight over the suppressor.

Here’s everything you need to know about suppressor height sights:

  • Purpose: The primary purpose of suppressor height sights is to provide an unobstructed sight picture when shooting with a suppressor attached. They ensure that the shooter can align the front and rear sights properly, compensating for the increased height of the suppressor.
  • Height: Suppressor height sights are taller than standard sights, typically by around 0.25 to 0.5 inches (6 to 12.7mm). This additional height allows the shooter to see over the suppressor and align the sights effectively.
  • Compatibility: Suppressor height sights are available for various handgun models and are often specific to the firearm’s make and model. Different manufacturers produce suppressor height sights, so it’s crucial to select sights that are compatible with your specific firearm.
  • Installation: Installing suppressor height sights typically requires some gunsmithing skills or assistance from a professional. The process may involve removing the existing sights and installing the new ones. Some sights may require minor fitting or adjustments to ensure proper alignment.
  • Co-Witness: Suppressor height sights are often used in conjunction with red dot or holographic sights. They are designed to allow for a co-witness, which means the shooter can see both the iron sights and the electronic sight’s reticle at the same time. This redundancy ensures that the shooter can still aim accurately if the electronic sight fails or the battery dies.
  • Sight Picture: When using suppressor height sights, the sight picture remains similar to standard sights. The front sight post is aligned with the rear sight notch or dots, with the top of the front sight centered in the rear sight. The difference is that the taller sights allow the shooter to see over the suppressor and maintain proper alignment.
  • Usage Considerations: While suppressor height sights are primarily designed for use with suppressors, they can also be beneficial in other situations. For example, if you add a muzzle device, such as a compensator or a barrel weight, that raises the height of the barrel, suppressor height sights may be necessary.
  • Training and Practice: It’s essential to practice and train with suppressor height sights to become proficient in their use. Familiarize yourself with the sight picture and ensure that your shooting technique remains consistent with these taller sights. Regular practice will help you develop the necessary skills for accurate shooting.

Remember, it’s important to comply with local laws and regulations regarding suppressor ownership and use. Before purchasing and using suppressor height sights, ensure that you are legally allowed to own and utilize suppressors in your jurisdiction.

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