Some Tourist Attraction Sites In Ashanti Region

By | February 8, 2022

Are you a tourist? Or are you looking for tourist attraction sites in order to enjoy the amazing scenes all at your disposal? Then stay with me for more tips as I introduce to you some of the tourist attraction sites you can find in the Ashanti Region of Ghana.

Tourist attraction sites are places of interest one can visit in his or her leisure time.

At this juncture, I would like to take you through some of the leading tourist attraction sites in the Ashanti Region.

These are the list of Tourist Attraction Sites In Ashanti Region of Ghana.

Manhyia Palace

Asantehene, the Asante kingdom’s supreme leader, had his throne at this palace. It is located in Kumasi, the Ashanti Region’s capital. The Ashantis constructed the palace initially, and it was so magnificent and grand that the British were taken aback by its size when they first saw it. There were many rows of books written in many languages throughout the palace. But that didn’t deter the British from demolishing it during the Golden Stool War. It was reconstructed by the British themselves in 1925.

Kejetia Market

This is without a doubt one of Africa’s largest markets. It is estimated that there are at least 11,000 stalls and that 40,000 people work there. It is distinguished by a large number of brown roofs that can be seen from afar. There are various items and goods for sale there.

Bonwire Kente Weaving Village

It is common knowledge that Africans spend a significant portion of their income on fashion, and Ghana is no different. Kente, for example, is a fabric that Ghanaians make and wear for important occasions and festivities.

Weaving has a long history in Africa, dating back to 3000BC, and it has since progressed, perfected, and transformed into what we have today. Kente is a fabric that originated in the Asante kingdom around the 17th century and is currently worn throughout Ghana and beyond. According to legend, a spider taught Ota Karaban and his friend Kwaku everything they knew about weaving. They informed a chief in Bonwire about their expense, who then informed the Asante kingdom’s senior chief.

Lake Bosumtwi

The lake was formed when an ancient meteorite hit in the Ashanti Region. A hunter is believed to have spotted the lake after chasing an antelope into it. It’s thought that the lake took in the antelope in an attempt to save it from the hunter. That is why the lake is still known as Antelope God Lake. Because of this, the Ashanti consider the lake to be exceedingly holy. The settlements that surround the lake are home to over 70,000 people.

Bobiri Butterfly Sanctuary

The location is as lovely as the butterflies that have made it their abode. The location also has an arboretum and forest hiking routes in addition to the butterfly sanctuary. Hundreds of different butterfly species call the butterfly sanctuary home, and they usually come out during the day to show off their vibrant colours. Many rare tree species can be found in the rainforest, providing a cool place for individuals to relax in.

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