Shipping Companies In Ghana

By | October 10, 2021

Shipping is the act of transferring goods that are usually huge from one place to another with the help of ships or mails. This idea has brought about the establishment of many shipping companies in the nation due to the rapid increase in shipping demands.

If you have any relative abroad who wishes to send you some stuffs or you are a businessman who deals in imported products, you can fall on these shipping companies to transfer your goods from one end of the continent to the other.

What Do Shipping Companies Do

  • They are in charge of transporting goods from one country to the other
  • They handle all kinds of parcels and letters that cannot be delivered personally
  • They manage the influx of foreign goods on our home soil

List Of Shipping Companies In Ghana

The following shipping companies have your back in case you want to send or receive anything by land, air or sea.

  • Gold Line Shipping

Gold Line Shipping is a company that provides shipping assistance that is considered among the best in Ghana. Apart from Ghana, you can also locate them in UK and Israel.

  • McDan Shipping Company

McDan Shipping Company is considered one of the top shipping companies in Ghana. They have been in the system for about ten years ago. Due to their intimidating collaboration with World Cargo Alliance, they have availability over 2000 seaports and air worldwide.

  • OMA Group

OMA Group has been working in Ghana for about three decades now. As I speak, they have succeeded in winning the heart of Ghanaians in terms of shipping due to their commitment to their work. They also function in other countries such as Benin, Togo, Cameroon and Mauritania among others which makes them very popular in West Africa.

  • Mediterranean Shipping Company

Mediterranean Shipping Company is one of the universal heads that offer intercontinental services The company also have branches in about 155 countries in the universe.

  • Global Cargo

Global Cargo is considered one of the best in terms of shipping goods all over the universe. Since their establishment, they have acquired about the two-decade experience in the shipping industry.

  • DHL Express

DHL Express is now among the leading shipping companies in the world at the moment. They offer standard services to their customers all over the globe. As a result of their excellent services, they are one of the favourites of Ghanaians.

  • FedEx Ghana

FedEx Ghana is among the beginning shipping companies you can identify in the country and the world at large. They offer immediate and quick services to their clients and are also considered as one of the successful companies in the industry and around the globe


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