SAT classes in Accra

By | July 25, 2022
sat classes in accra

The SAT is a test required by many US universities and colleges for admissions and sometimes scholarship applications. The name of the test has been changing over the years. It was called the Scholastic Aptitude Test when the test started in 1926.

In the past it has been called the Scholastic Assessment Test, the SAT I: Reasoning Test, and the SAT Reasoning Test. Current it is simply called the SAT(ESS-AY-TEE)

The SAT is designed to assess your academic readiness for college. The SAT provides a path to opportunities, financial support, and scholarships, in a way that’s fair to all students. The SAT keeps pace with what colleges are looking for today, measuring the skills required for success in the 21st century. The combination of high school grades and SAT scores is the best predictor of your academic success in college

The SAT tests your knowledge of reading, writing and math — subjects that are taught every day in high school classrooms. The SAT two main sections are the Evidence-Based Reading and Writing (EBRW, normally known as the “English” portion of the test) and the Math section. These are both further broken down into four sections: Evidence-Based Reading, Writing and Language, Math (no calculator), and Math (calculator allowed)

The Evidence-Based SAT Reading section has 5 passages and 52 Multiple-Choice items to be answered in 65 minutes and tests how well test takers read for information and ideas, rhetoric and synthesis. The SAT Writing and Language section has 4 passages and 44 multiple-choice items to be answered in 35 minutes and test how well test takers can edit text using standard written English conventions and make corrections to text on Development, Organization and Effective language use.

The SAT Math Section has 58 Math Questions given in two sections named Math-No Calculator (20 Questions to be answered in 25minutes) and Math-Calculator (38 questions to be answered in 55 minutes). Of the 58 Math Questions, 45 are multiple-choice and 13 are student-produced response. 19 of the questions are Heart of Algebra, 17 are Problem Solving and Data Analysis, 16 are Passport to Advanced Math and 6 Additional Topics in Math

Two section scores result from taking the SAT: Evidence-Based Reading and Writing, and Math. Section scores are reported on a scale of 200 to 800, and each section score is a multiple of ten. A total score for the SAT is calculated by adding the two section scores, resulting in total scores that range from 400 to 1600. In addition to the two section scores, three “test” scores on a scale of 10 to 40 are reported, one for each of Reading, Writing and Language, and Math, with increment of 1 for Reading / Writing and Language, and 0.5 for Math. There are also two cross-test scores that each range from 10 to 40 points: Analysis in History/Social Studies and Analysis in Science.

Hillton Study Centre

Hillton Study Centre comprises a highly qualified and experienced team of professionals who have successfully trained candidates with different capabilities for the IELTS, GRE, SAT, GMAT, and the TOEFL from Ghana, the West African sub-region and across the globe.

We have specialist tutors to deal with each level and calibre of students who are enrolled.
Our core business is training candidates to ace their tests in order to secure admissions and scholarships to top-ranked colleges and universities.

This we have done and will continue to strive for. In addition, we partner with immigration consultants to help those TRAVELLING FOR WORK and residence/settlement specifically in Canada and Australia. The team at Hillton has the experience and exposure in these designated tests to help you achieve the required score band you need for your further studies, scholarship, and immigration needs.

Location: 20/2, Adjoate Street, Down Koala, Osu, Accra, Ghana
Telephone: 0542731818, 0205279927


SAT TUITION CENTRE provides Special Tuition and Coaching for SAT in Accra. Excellent SAT score is required for admissions and scholarships in USA and Canada. Our SAT Tuition/Coaching is provided by Professionals and Experienced Tutors. Most of our past students obtained the highest SAT Score for admissions and scholarship in universities and colleges in USA and Canada.

Our Special Tuition comes with the most relevant and current SAT Study Materials at NO extra cost.
We do SAT registration for all candidates.

Location: 1st Floor, Ent. Insurance Building, Near Abrantie Spot, Lapaz, Accra, Ghana
Telephone: 0249267675, 0505951804

Global Baseline (GBL)

Global Baseline (GBL) is an institution with a reputation for excellent teaching and preparing students to make a profound difference in the world. Established in the year 2000, GBL is located at the heart of Accra, and offers a better SAT experience that is both challenging and fun.
We pride ourselves in being the leader and Ghana’s best SAT service provider. You will learn from teachers who are experts in their respective fields. Global Baseline has a track record of teaching the exams for over 20 years. You will thrive with thought-provoking classes, a tech-infused learning environment, and ample inspiration. We have a proven record of helping many students to gain admission into Universities and Colleges with very high percentage of scholarship.

Location: Next to Adrabraka Post Office, Akuyea Addy Ln. Behind Roxy Cinema/Near Alpha Capital.
Address: P. O. Box AN 10298, Accra – North. Ghana.
Telephone: 030-220-0837 / (+233)-244- 07-6813 / (+233)-269-93-5329

Timeline Trust

Timeline Trust is Ghana’s best SAT services provider and provides the best SAT Prep in Ghana all year round. Our SAT Tuition is given by two of the world’s best SAT tutors, Richard C. Aryee and Habiba E. Quansah, who have assisted many students to gain admission into Colleges and Universities with very high percentages of scholarships and financial aid. Your service delivery commences as soon as you make your first payment.

Location: Otsaame Baako Lane
Off Pumpkin Avenue
Near Jerusalem Restaurant.
Achimota Neoplan, Accra
Telephone: 0266-733-700, 0232-886-025
Address: P.O. Box AT 1620 Achimota-Accra, Ghana. GA-250-6604

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