Prospectus For Ghana Armed Forces 2022/2023

By | October 5, 2021
prospectus for Ghana armed forces

The Ghana Armed Forces are the military of the Republic of Ghana. It consists of an Army, Navy, Air Force, and a paramilitary force. The MOD is primarily responsible for protecting the territorial integrity and sovereignty of Ghana according to Chapter 4 Section 2(1) of the Constitution.

It also plays a role in fostering national development according to Chapter 4 Section 2(2) of the Constitution.

This prospectus will be used to guide prospective applicants on General Military Training (GMT), career opportunities in various career fields with Armed Forces, training institutions for GMT courses, and how to apply for admission into these institutions.

Today’s article guide from Latest Ghana, is going to take you through the Prospectus For Ghana Armed Forces 2022/2023

About Ghana Armed Forces

The Ghana Armed Forces is one of the five armed forces in Ghana. The military in Ghana is controlled by the Ministry of Defence. It was established in 1963 with the mandate to train and equip officers to handle any crisis that comes their way. They are well respected because they always come out on top in any war.

The Ghanaian military has always played an important role in the country’s history, defending it against rebel insurgencies, coups, and foreign invasion.

In Ghana, the current Chief of Army Staff is Major General Thomas Oppong Peprah. There are three brigade sized commands divided into, in Ghana. These are:

  1. Northern Command (Tamale)
  2. Central Command (Kumasi)
  3. Southern Command (Accra)
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Ghana Air Force

The Ghana Air Force is the nation’s warfare in the sky. Established on 29th July 1959, the Ghana Air Force use military aircraft and any other flying machines for defense.

With its headquarters at Burma Camp, the main transport airfield is located in Accra. The Chief of Air Staff is Air Vice Marshal Frank Hanson. The Ghana Air Force shares the same runaway with the Kotoka International Airport. Other forces like the Northern part shares a runaway with the Tamale Airport.

Ghana Navy

The Ghana Navy is the warfare in charge on the sea. With this, Ghana Navy operates on the sea, oceans, lakes and at the costal areas found in Ghana. Just like the Ghana Armed Forces, Ghana Air Forces, the Ghana Navy was formed on 29th July 1959 — with the current Chief of the Naval Staff who is Rear Admiral Issah Yakubu.

With uniform work and formality, the Ghana Navy has its solid brand identity of interesting colours to note them of. You can find some interesting colours like ultramarine, iceberg and blue-grey.

Today, the prospectus of the Ghana Armed Forces has all the intact information all Ghanaian applicant who would love to undergo the Ghana Military Training, training institutions and career opportunities.

Same way the Ghana Armed Forces prospectus contains a complete guide to how to apply for Ghana Armed Forces recruitment. Check the prospectus for Ghana Armed Forces before applying for their recruitment to join.

Prospectus for Ghana armed forces 2021/2022

  • One (1) Student mattress.
  • One (1) Suitcase or trunk
  • One (1) Blanket
  • One (1) Pillow
  • Two Pillow Cases
  • One (1) Bed Spread (any colour)
  • Two (2) White Bed Sheets
  • Four (4) Handkerchiefs
  • Two (2) Hangers
  • Pyjamas or Night Gown
  • Bathroom slippers
  • Black or brown sandals
  • White canvas.Electric Iron
  • Scrubbing brush
  • Drinking Cup
  • Two (2) Plates.Cutlery Set
  • One (1) Bucket and Pail
  • Two (2) Towels and Sponge
  • Two (2) Napkins
  • One (1) black shoes for church
  • One (1) mosquito net
  • Hair pomade
  • Body lotion
  • Comb
  • Toothpaste
  • Toothbrush
  • Toilet rolls
  • Bathing soap
  • Washing soap
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School Uniforms

  • One (1) white shirt (long sleeves) and trousers for church
  • Two (2) white T-shirts
  • Four (4) singlets
  • Four to six pants Uniforms to be supplied by the school
  • Three (3) sets of school uniforms
  • Three (3) sets of house attires
  • Sports wear

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) About Ghana Armed Forces Prospectus 2021

Ghana Armed Forces Prospectus For Potential Cadets 2021/2022

This prospectus will be used to guide prospective applicants on General Military Training (GMT), career opportunities in various career at the Ghana Armed Forces for 2021/2022 recruitment.

Prospectus For Ghana Armed Forces

For Military Police only – The minimum height for applicants should be Be medically fit by Ghana Armed Forces standard. Personnel Allowed. Details of Ghana Armed Force Recruitment 2020/2021.

Prospectus for Ghana Air Force

The prospectus for the Ghana Air Force is the one provided above.

Ghana Armed Forces Prospectus For Potential Recruits 2022/2023

The Ghana Armed Forces prospectus for potential recruits 2022/2023 is the information given above here.

Ghana Navy Prospectus

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