Private Hospitals in Koforidua

By | June 23, 2022
Private hospitals in Kumasi with vacancies

Private hospitals are privately or organizations owned that run a business enterprise that employs human resources to provide health services so as to achieve their goals. Hospitals hire both clinical and non-clinical staff to care for patients and keep the business running smoothly.

If you enjoy helping people and working in a health care setting, you might be interested in a hospital-related job. Hospital jobs are in high demand because people are always in need of health care. Hospitals must employ large numbers of people in both patient care and business positions to operate effectively.

Hospitals have many departments with job opportunities ranging from entry-level to executive. You can find work in a hospital regardless of whether you have a medical background or a specific degree. The Eastern region of Ghana has a number of health facilities which consist of both government and private.

Private Hospitals in Koforidua

If you need medical attention and want to find Private Hospitals in Koforidua. Below are the private health facilities that can be found in Koforidua.

  1. Kings & Queens Teaching Hospital
  2. Medicas Hospital
  3. SDA Hospital, koforidua
  4. Holy Family Hospital
  5. St Joseph Hospital
  6. Koforidua Clinic
  8. Rabito Clinic, Koforidua
  9. Patbrenda Clinic & Laboratory
  10. St John’s Health Centre
  11. Xtan Medical Laboratories
  12. Adweso Clinic
  13. Agyakwa Hospital
  14. Bryan Lowe Hospital
  15. Cosmas Bamien Clinic
  16. Cocoa Clinic
  17. Jireh Eye Clinic
  18. Kenop Care Hospital
  19. New Life Clinic
  20. Atekyem Hospital
  21. St Dominic’s Hospital
  22. Newlands Medical Centre
  23. Oman Medical Centre
  24. Stadtlohn Bezaleel Clinic
  25. Dr Asomanic Clinic
  26. Pat’s Memorial Maternity Home
  27. Bonna Clinic
  28. Asiedu Memorial Clinic
  29. St Martin’s Hospital
  30. CDC Hospital
  31. LiveWell Herbal Clinic
  32. Standard Specialist Clinic
  33. Providence Medical Centre
  34. Narozzy Medical Health Centre

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