Plastic Surgery Price In Ghana

By | September 13, 2022

Ghana is the preferred destination for Plastic Surgery in Africa. Many International patients travel for Plastic Surgery in Ghana.

Top reasons for Ghana as preferred Plastic Surgery destination are,

  • Availability of trained plastic surgeons in Ghana
  • Advanced Plastic Surgery Infrastructure in Ghana
  • Latest Plastic Surgery Technology in Ghana
  • High Plastic Surgery Success rate in Ghana
  • Good Reviews from past clients for Plastic Surgery in Ghana
  • Low cost Plastic Surgery in Ghana mainly because large number of clients and multiple Plastic Surgery centres.

There are many Plastic Surgeons in Ghana with very good experience in doing Aesthetic procedures. Ghana also has a very good supply of Implants required for Aesthetic Surgery in Ghana.

Aesthetic Surgery cost in Ghana

Aesthetic Surgery in GhanaAverage Cost in USD ($)
Breast Augmentation$2,043
Breast Reduction$1,857
Breast Lift$1,671
Tummy Tuck$2,600
Dimple Creation$929
Vaginal Tightening$929
Laser Vaginal Rejuvenation$371
Designer Vagina$1,486
Mons reduction$929
G Shot$557
O Shot$557
Hair Transplant$1,500
Facelift surgery$3,200
Otoplasty (ear surgery)$1,200
Beard transplant$2430
Buttocks liposuction$1380
Body Lift$6900
Thigh lift$4950
Calf implants$3910
Arms plastics (brachioplasty)$3800
Penis enlargement$4830
Forehead lift$2650
Brow lift$2300
Buttock reduction$3,000
Nasal hump removal$3910
Calf liposuction$1380
Lower Eyelid Surgery$2650
Cheekbone reduction$1,300
Dimple Creation Surgery$600

Plastic surgery has increased in popularity as time and technology have advanced, improving people’s confidence and assisting them in overcoming personal insecurities. Many new, previously unproven methods are now being used to help in the reconstruction of human skin. Plastic surgery choices are often various and varied, and you’ll need to know what’s best for you in order to give yourself a confident makeover!

Reconstructive Plastic Surgeons treat abnormal body parts from infections, diseases, and disorders. Cosmetic Plastic Surgeons gets further trained to perform surgeries to enhance or to reshape the body parts.

 Reconstructive Surgery cost in Ghana

Reconstructive Surgery in GhanaAverage Cost in USD ($)
Body Injuries and Conditions$2,500
Burns, Wounds, Bedsores and Scars$1,500
Cleft Lip and Palate$1,200
Facial Injuries and Conditions$800
Hand Injuries and Conditions$1,600
Head and Neck Tumours and Cancer$2,500
Jaw Problems$1,500
Pediatric Injuries and Conditions$1,800
Reconstructive Surgery After Breast Cancer$2,200
Skin Cancers$3,500
Tissue Transfer/Transplant$2,800

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