Plasterboard Ceiling Price In Ghana

By | August 6, 2021

Are you looking to buy a Plasterboard ceiling for your home or office? Then this article will be of much use to you, so stay tuned. In this article, I am going to take you through the prices of Plasterboard ceilings in Ghana. But before we start, let’s learn something small about Plasterboard ceilings.

What To Know About Plasterboard Ceiling

A plasterboard is a calcium sulfate dihydrate (gypsum) panel normally pressed between a facer and a backer. It’s employed in the construction of interior walls and ceilings. This ‘Drywall’ construction became popular as a quicker alternative to traditional lath and plaster.

Plasterboards are the greatest solution for modern structures because they give high levels of fire, acoustic, heat, moisture, and impact resistance. Plasterboard is the ideal liner for walls and ceilings because it is lightweight and simple to install.

Plasterboards come in two types, namely: Normal conditions and Moisture Resistant. Both types are available in thickness 9mm & 12mm.

Plasterboard ceilings are widely used in modern homes and offices due to their ability to resist fire, acoustic, heat, moisture and impact.

Price Of Plasterboard Ceiling In Ghana

In Ghana, the price of Plasterboard ceiling is hugely dependent on the brand and the company selling it. As a result of this, we cannot give you the exact price with certainty.

If you have more accurate information, kindly let us know by leaving a comment below.

Where To Buy Your Plasterboard Ceiling In Ghana

You can also check out the websites listed below to find out how much it will cost you if you want to furnish your home or office with a plasterboard ceiling.

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