Passion Airline Contact In Ghana

By | February 12, 2022
Passion Airline Contact In Ghana

Passion Airline is a domestic airline in Ghana that has its headquarter in Accra. In today’s write up you will heat to know the contacts of passion airlines in Ghana.

Passion Airline is the second-largest airline in Ghana. It transported 213,022 passengers in 2019. The airline also has its main hub at the Kotoka International Airport in Accra.

It can also be found in terminal 2, which is for domestic or local flights, and also terminal 3 for regional and international flights.

The airline was formally known as DAC International. Passion Airline has four booking options that are; promotional packages, Gold package, Silver package, and Bronze package. These packages have different prices and their services differ.

They are the airline industry’s most passionate and loyal customers.

They make the brand what it is today. And they’re looking to you for the ultimate travel experience. It’s time to reconnect with your frequent fliers and understand more about their unique needs as business travelers.

What is an Airline?

An airline is a company operating aircraft for transporting passengers or cargo. Airlines operate independently and focus on routes, schedules, and pricing.

Airlines are responsible for scheduling services and providing amenities such as food, water, and in-flight entertainment to the traveling public.

Depending on product category (e.g., business class versus economy), airlines offer different classes of service; some are considered premium with more luxurious accouterments than others.

Who owns the Airline?

The passion air is owned by a Ghanaian entrepreneur, politician, and art collector by name of Edward Annan also known as Eddie Annan. It was founded by Eddie a DAC Aviation in Kenya.

The Airline was founded in 2018 and launched in August 2018.

Passion Air Contact

For booking, reservations, and inquiries at Passion Air, you can call 0800221221. Their office is open between 8 am to 5 pm during weekdays and also from 9 am to 2 pm on weekends.

Call Center

Toll-free: 0800 221 221

Head office

221 Augustus Akiwumi Street

Airport West

P. O. Box CT 920, Cantonment

Accra, Ghana

Email: [email protected]

PassionAir head office is open from 8 am to5 pm on weekends only.

Where is PassionAir located?

Passion Airline is a domestic airline in Ghana

How much is passion airline from Accra to Tamale?

A return ticket from Accra to Tamale costs GHS577, the lowest in the domestic air travel market compared to what others charge. Passion will offer twice a day frequency from Monday to Saturday, and thrice on Sunday with a total expected schedule of 30 weekly flights.

Which terminal is PassionAir in Ghana?

The airline also has its main hub at the Kotoka International Airport in Accra.

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