New MTN Mobile Money Charges In Ghana 2022

By | May 1, 2022
MTN Mobile Money Charges In Ghana 2022

Not long ago, the Government of Ghana brought new tax charges on transactions and our electronic transaction got effected as well.

With this, MTN Ghana as a mobile telecommunication company has increased the charges incurred on MTN Mobile Money service.

In Ghana, we all know MTN Mobile Money to be the commonly used mobile money service operating in every corner of the country. This makes it as one of the most convenient, reliable and a safer way people can save, send and receive their hard earned money.

The new mobile money charges after the effect of the E-levy in Ghana has caused high charges on transfer and withdrawals.

From Latest Ghana, we provide you with the list of MTN Mobile Money Charges In Ghana for 2022 effectively. Check and confirm before sending money to your loved ones.

MTN Mobile Money Charges In Ghana

The MoMo Charges for 2022 in Ghana has been provided for you below.

Services TypeTransaction
At Merchant’s/
Registration FreeFree
At Merchant’s/
Money Transfer1 – 502.50
At Merchant’s/
Money TransferAbove 505%
At Merchant’s/
Cash-out1 – 500.50
At Merchant’s/
Cash-outAbove 501%
On MobileMoney Transfer
1 – 500.50
On MobileMoney Transfer
Above 501%
On MobileMoney transfer
1- 501.50
On MobileMoney transfer
Above 503%
On MobileAirtime top-up1 -100Free
On MobileBill payment – ECG, GOtvN/A0.50 Flat
On MobileBill payment – DSTV, MTN Postpaid
School Fees
2 Flat
Balance enquiryN/AFree
Mini statementN/A0.01

Current MTN Mobile Money Charges In Ghana

Amount (GHS)Withdrawal ChargesTotal
GHS 10GHS 0.50GHS 10.50
GHS 20GHS 0.50GHS 20.50
GHS 50GHS 0.50GHS 50.50
GHS 60GHS 0.6GHS 60.60
GHS 100GHS 1.00GHS 101.00
GHS 200GHS 2.00GHS 202.00
GHS 250GHS 2.50GHS 252.50
GHS 500GHS 5.00GHS 505.00
GHS 1000GHS 10.00GHS 1010.00
GHS 2500GHS 10.00GHS 2510.00

Many have been complaining about the new MTN MoMo charges in Ghana, but had no option than to adapt to the new changes.

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E-levy charge on Mobile Money

The Mobile Money Tax in Ghana is 1.5% as E-levy charge on mobile money and all electronic transaction.

How To Avoid E-levy Charges On Mobile Money

  • Send a maximum of GHS 100 daily
  • Use Cash Transactions
  • Cheque Payments

How To Reduce MTN Mobile Money Transaction Charges

This serves as a complete guide on how you can possibly reduce MTN Mobile Money transaction charges in Ghana.

You may also use other alternatives that can help you reduce MTN Mobile Money transaction charges.

  • MTN MoMo Pay
  • Send From MTN to MTN Number

How To Use MTN MoMo Pay

Anytime you want to make a mass payment to any MTN Merchant number or withdraw a huge amount of money in Ghana, you should make request for MTN Merchant ID from the person. With this, you will be able to make payment and pay with less transaction charges.

  • Dial MTN MoMo short code — *170#
  • Reply with the option 2 — MoMoPay & Pay Bill
  • Choose option 1 — MoMo Pay
  • Enter Merchant ID / Payment Reference
  • Confirm if the information is correct
  • Enter your MTN MoMo PIN code
  • Press send

Now, you are done with how to make payment with MTN MoMo Pay option to pay less transaction fee in Ghana.

All Questions Answered About MTN MoMo Charges 2022

What Are The Charges Of MTN Mobile Money?

The MTN Mobile Money charges has changed effectively after the government of Ghana increased tax charges on electronic transactions. We have the full charges listed above for you.

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MTN Mobile Money Withdrawal Charges In Ghana

The MTN Mobile Money withdrawal charges in Ghana came out after the controversial government of Ghana e-levy had a controversial approval by the majority sided parliament of Ghana affecting mobile transactions, mobile money transactions charges and more. With this, MTN Ghana increased the charges for all Mobile Money charges in the country.

New Mobile Money Charges In Ghana

The new MTN Mobile Money charges in Ghana is the charges brought by MTN in 2022. You can check our MTN Mobile Money Charges In Ghana.

MTN Ghana mobile money withdrawal charges

MTN Ghana mobile money withdrawal charges are given in the post above. MTN Ghana MoMo Withdrawal Charges

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