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Mirage Driving School

Mirage Driving School has been in business for over twenty years, training over 100,000 clients both inside and outside of the country. 

In this article, we look at all the necessary things you need to know about Mirage Driving school.

Mirage has one of the greatest and most contemporary automobiles, as well as a comfortable office and lecture hall with first-rate and DVLA-certified teachers. The sole mission at Mirage Driving School is to make the country’s roadways and highways safer places to go.

They are dedicated to providing services above our clients’ wildest dreams, as well as the happiness they desire and they have a track record of providing the greatest possible training to applicants, both theoretically and practically.

If your primary goal is to become a driver, Mirage Driving School is the finest solution.

They have cars that run on Automatic transmission and cars that run on Manual Transmission so you can choose between the car you would want to learn how to drive.

Table of Contents

Courses Offered


  • 10 weeks in total
  • Theory lesson: 4 weeks (18 hours in total)
  • Monday-Friday (1 hour daily)
  • Practical lessons: 6 weeks (total of 20 hours)
  • Within 6 weeks (3 times or 3 hours a week)


  • 6 weeks in total
  • Monday-Friday
  • Saturday not involved
  • 2 weeks theory (2 hours daily)
  • 4 weeks practical (1 hour a day)


  • 4-5 months
  • Saturdays Only
  • 2 hours theory lessons for 2 months (10am-12pm)
  • 1 hour practical lessons for 3 months (8am-2pm)
  • First come, first serve


  • Coming Soon


Mirage has two offices in Accra with one of the location in Dansoman while there is another at Mallam


Telephone: 0240712728



You can also contact the Managing Director on 0244264122

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