List Of Tourist Attraction Sites In Volta Region Of Ghana

By | February 9, 2022

If Volta Region were a garment, it would be a “one-size-fits-all” style. This is due to the fact that it shares many of the fascinating characteristics of other Ghanaian regions.

It’s as though someone copied and pasted every other region onto the Volta Region. The place is known as a “microcosm of Ghana” because of its cultural and ecological richness.

These are the tourism attractions you can find in the region:

Wli Waterfalls

Wli Falls is the highest waterfall in all of West Africa! You must descend approximately 250 steps to see the waterfall from below, where it is most spectacular. You’ll be taken aback by the sight of interesting waters splashing in white on the ground directly in front of you before flowing away, leaving you stunned and astonished.

wonderful Wli waterfalls in Ghana

Tafi Atome Monkey Sanctuary

The residents of Tafi Atome have a unique approach to monkey care. Because of the traditional significance associated with monkeys, these people hold them in high regard. In fact, these folks perform burial ceremonies for dead monkeys before burying them in a cemetery specifically designed to house dead monkeys. The monkeys are now so at ease with people that they eat from their hands. The Mona monkey is the most common monkey found in this area.

Tafi-Atome Monkey Sanctuary

Mount Afadjato And Mount Gemi

Pay a visit to Ghana’s tallest peak, which reaches a height of 885 meters into the sky. Mount Gemi, the second tallest peak in the world, stands at 611 meters. Mount Afadjato is adjacent to the Togo border towns of Gbledi and Liati Wote, while Mount Gemi is in the Amedzofe township.

Kyabobo National Park

National Park (pronounced CHAY-a-bobo) is a relatively new ecotourism destination in Ghana. The 220-square-kilometer Kyabobo National Park is a rare mountainous conservation region with breathtaking views and well-protected wildness that is recognized internationally. On the border with Togo, Kyabobo is located in the Nkwanta district of the northern Volta region. Nkwanta is the closest town.

In 1997, the reserve was formed. Mount Dzebobo, Ghana’s second-highest mountain, is located within the park and provides tourists with a spectacular view of Lake Volta.

The park is situated in a semi-arid transition zone between tropical rain forest and tree savanna. Plants and animals from both the forest and the savannah can be found in the park. Talbotiella gendtii, a nationally endangered indigenous tree, grows in its woodlands.

Buffalo, kob, warthog, Aardvark, bushbuck, duikers, and baboons are among the park’s species. Lions, elephants, bongos, reedbucks, leopards, and hartebeests are among the endangered species. According to a park assessment, there are at least 500 butterfly species and 235 bird species. The park provides tough multi-day walks through mountainous terrain, as well as mountain biking, game watching hides, shrines, and holy groves, as well as a fascinating cultural experience.

The park is located roughly 400 kilometers from Accra and is open to visitors. However, because of its diverse flora and natural attractiveness, it will be an asset.

Kyabobo National Park

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