List Of Tourist Attraction Sites In Central Region Of Ghana

By | February 10, 2022

This location isn’t dubbed the “heartbeat of Ghana tourism” for no reason. Many of the country’s most popular tourist destinations are found in this region.

There is no shortage of intriguing things to do or see in this part of the world. Tourists will be able to see more of Ghana’s cultures, which would otherwise be hushed in other places. The Central Region will provide you with enjoyable experiences as well as a comprehensive picture of Ghana’s past, as evidenced by castles and forts. The following is a list of interesting places to visit in Ghana’s Central Region:

Cape Coast Castle

This castle has seen many trials and tribulations. It is one of UNESCO’s World Heritage Sites because of its history and contains traces of the slave trade. Since its construction, this fortress has been ruled by a number of different powers. It was first administered by the Dutch until being taken over by the Swedes in 1652, who renamed it Fort Carolusburg. The castle was fought by both local and European forces until it was finally seized by the British in 1664 following a four-day battle. It was thus given the name Cape Coast Castle, which it still has today. Before being moved to Christianborg Castle in Accra, it served as Britain’s seat of power in Ghana.

Kakum National Park

Elephants, mona- meercats, civets, and buffaloes are among the 40 creatures that call this tropical rainforest in Ghana home. Kakum National Park, in Ghana’s Central Region, is 375 square kilometers in size and is located along the coast. It was first designated as a reserve in 1931, but it was only designated as a national park in 1992 after an initial avifauna assessment. Tropical vegetation covers the entire area. The park’s distinctiveness stems from the fact that it was founded on the initiative of local residents rather than by Ghana’s State Department of Animal, which is responsible for wildlife protection. It is one of only three places in Africa with a 350-meter-long canopy bridge that connects seven tree tops and allows access to the jungle. The most well-known endangered wildlife species in the world

Elmina Castle

The Portuguese built Elmina Castle in 1482 as So Jorge da Mina Castle, also known as Mina or Feitoria da Mina) in what is now Elmina, Ghana. It was the first European commercial post on the Gulf of Guinea, as well as the oldest European structure south of the Sahara. The castle was originally built as a trading post, but it later became one of the most important sites on the Atlantic slave trade route. In 1637, the Dutch seized the fort from the Portuguese, and in 1642, they conquered the entire Portuguese Gold Coast. The Dutch continued to traffic in slaves until 1814. The Dutch Gold Coast, including the fort, became part of the British Empire in 1872. The Gold Coast, as it is presently known, is a city in Queensland, Australia.

Posuban Shrines

These temples are distinguished by their vibrant colors, which have mythological significance. They were owned by the Asafo company and located not far from Elmina Castle. These once-military people have evolved into a more peaceful people noted for their ceremonial self-service mentality. Each of the Asafos Shrines represents one of the Asafos.

Fort St. Jago

The fort, which was originally erected as a chapel and functioned as a base of attack on the Elmina Castle by the Dutch, was built around 300 meters from the Elmina Castle. In those days, it also served as a type of prison for European convicts.

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