List Of Security Agencies In Ghana

By | October 23, 2022
List Of Security Agencies In Ghana

The general duties of public security organs include maintaining public order, protecting public and private property, preventing crimes against the socialist system, stopping criminal activity that threatens public safety, and ensuring the orderly development of socialist modernization. Let’s see in this article, the list of security agencies in Ghana.

Ghana Immigration Service

The entry, residence, employment, and exit of all foreign nationals are subject to regulation and oversight by the Ghana Immigration Service. Ghanaians’ entry and exit from the nation are both closely watched.

Ghana Police Service

The primary Ghanaian law enforcement body is the Ghana Police Service. Over 30,000 officers are employed by the service, which is run by Ghana’s interior ministry, at its 651 locations.

Bureau of National Investigations

Ghana’s domestic spy agency is called the Bureau of National Investigations. The National Security Council, which is responsible for Ghana’s internal security and counterintelligence, includes the BNI as a crucial component.

Ghana National Fire and Rescue Service

The Ghana National Fire and Rescue Service (GNFRS), an organization that reports to the interior ministry in Ghana, is the country’s national fire service. It was founded in accordance with Act 219 in order to put out fires and offer humanitarian aid, and it was reestablished in accordance with Act 537 in 1997 with the wide goal of preventing and managing unwanted fires as well as other associated issues. It also involves organizing public awareness campaigns about the dangers of fire, road traffic extrication, and other relevant topics, as well as inspecting high-rise and commercial structures equipped with essential fire engineering.

Border Guard Unit

The Border Patrol’s main duty is to find and apprehend illegal immigrants and people traffickers at or close to land borders. The main tasks include running snap inspections, anti-smuggling operations, and maintaining traffic checkpoints along highways leaving border regions. Pick-up trucks and all-purpose motorbikes are used to carry out these tasks.

The Border Patrol Unit (BPU) has intercepted and detained numerous smugglers while carrying out these tasks.

State Intelligence Service

A spy organization under the control of the Sri Lankan government is the State Intelligence Service. It is in charge of both domestic and foreign intelligence collecting and is Sri Lanka’s main civilian intelligence organization. The Ministry of Defence has jurisdiction over it.

Ministry of Defence

The Ghanaian government’s Ministry of Defence is the agency in charge of protecting Ghana’s national security interests and defending the country against military threats from both inside and outside the country.

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