List Of Investment Companies In Ghana

By | October 14, 2021

Investment can be termed as the act of making significant sacrifices in businesses so as to accumulate a long term reasonable profit out of the sacrifices offered. This plan is very benefi9cal to billionaires such as Bill Gate, Dangote and some other people who have made it in this world.

At This Juncture, We Are Going To Consider List Of Investment Companies In Ghana

Duties Of Investment Companies

  • Investment companies give advice on the best place to put your money to get profit.
  • They ensure that the investment of investors is secured.
  • They ensure that the investment of investors is well planned

List Of Investment Companies

The following are the list of investment companies we have here in Ghana.

  • Ecobank Ghana

Ecobank Ghana is among the best banks you can find at the moment in the nation. Due to their customer satisfaction and other services they offer to their clients, they have been able to win the heart of most African countries.

  • Stanbic Bank Brokerage

Stanbic Bank Brokerage is an associate with Standard Bank Group that provide executive to their clients.

  • BOND Savings And Loans

Bond Savings And Loans is a company that offers loan and savings chances to its clients. As a result, many people prefer to do business with them in order to benefit from some of the offers they have on board.

  • First Allied Savings And Loans

First Allied Savings And Loans is a monetary organisation that seeks to render value for money to its clients. Some of their services include Treasury Bills and many more.

  • Cal Brokers
  • Cal Brokers a subordinate of Cal Bank and one of the few Ghanaian dealers that provide trade on the internet. They honour themselves in change, specifically when it comes to the developing movement in internet technology.

    • Sovereign Bank

    Sovereign Bank which was founded in the year 2015 is now rated as oner of the best Ghana investment banks due to higher rate offer as compared to other investment companies.

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