Leo Suter Biography, Height, Weight, And Everything You Need To Know

By | May 28, 2023

Leo Suter is a British actor known for his work in film, television, and theater. Here is some information about his biography, height, and weight:

Leo Suter Biography

Leo Suter was born on April 26, 1993, in London, England. He grew up in Bristol and developed an interest in acting from a young age. He attended the Bristol Old Vic Theatre School, where he honed his acting skills and gained experience in various theatrical productions.

Suter made his on-screen debut in 2011 with a small role in the TV series “Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 2.” However, he gained more prominence with his portrayal of Young Father Francis in the historical drama series “Victoria” (2016-2017). His performance in the show earned him critical acclaim and helped establish him as a talented actor.

Since then, Suter has appeared in several film and television projects, including “The Liberator” (2019), “Cursed” (2020), and “Informer” (2021). He continues to pursue acting across various mediums, showcasing his versatility and talent.

Leo Suter Height and Weight

The exact height and weight of Leo Suter are not publicly available. However, based on his appearances, he has a slim and athletic build. It’s worth noting that this information may vary, as actors can undergo physical transformations for different roles.

Other Notable Facts:

  • Leo Suter is also skilled in singing and dancing.
  • He has a strong presence on social media platforms like Instagram, where he shares updates and interacts with his fans.
  • Suter is known for his dedication to his craft and his ability to portray complex characters with depth and nuance.

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