Kennedy Digital Satellite Fridge Prices

By | October 7, 2021

Kennedy Digital Satellite has become a household name where you can get affordable electrical appliances. They have established themselves as market leaders in the electrical appliance industry.

Due to the way their products last they offer a 2-year warranty to their customers. If you are a salaried worker and your salary comes through the Controller General Department, there is a high purchase offer available for you.

In this article, I am going to take you through the price of fridges you can get at Kennedy Digital Satellite. The fridges of Kennedy Digital Satellite comes in many shapes and sizes depending on your needs. They have commercial fridges and the ones meant for personal use.

You have the option to choose from the available fridges they have.

Kennedy digital satellite Fridge Price Lists

Fridge TypePrice
Refrigerator Double Door 95Ltrs₵849.00
Refrigerator Double Door 100Ltrs₵899.00
Refrigerator Double Door 198Ltrs₵81449.00
Refrigerator Double Door 223Ltrs₵1699.00
Refrigerator Double Door 450Ltrs₵2599.00
Refrigerator Combo 90Ltrs₵799.00
Refrigerator Combo 100Ltrs₵899.00
Refrigerator Combo 160Ltrs₵1009.00
Refrigerator Combo 210Ltrs₵1499.00
Refrigerator Combo 260Ltrs₵1849.00
Refrigerator Combo 398Ltrs₵2,099.00
Table Top Double Door  ₵749.00


You can find them in any of these branches

  • Adum family plaza building (Kumasi)
  • Patasi police depo Adom house building (Kumasi) +233 (0207 653 031 || 0244 385 128)
  • Weja, Old Barrier Traffic Light (Accra) || +233 (244 385 136 || 0243 074 750)

You can contact them via email with the address

E-mail: [email protected]

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