How To Write Manifesto For SRC Financial Secretary

By | October 26, 2021
How To Write A Manifesto For General Secretary

A manifesto is read during elections and to win any election position you need to have a great manifesto because that is what will convince your friends and the school to either vote for you or not.

How To Write Manifesto For Src Financial Secretary

  1. Use short, simple words to explain your policies. Don’t try to sound clever – you’ll just confuse people.
  2. Explain your past experience with the school and how this will help you if you’re elected as the school general secretary.
  3. Explain your goals for the office and ensure that they are realistic and achievable.

Manifesto sample for SRC Financial secretary


Nelson Mandela once said a leader is like a shepherd. He stays behind the flock, letting the most nimble go ahead, where upon the others follow, not realizing that all along they are being directed from behind’’.

The most valuable component of leadership is not power, position, influence, fame, gifting, talent, academic achievement, or management skills. It is character. Character is the framework of credibility for the leader. Without the element of strong, noble, honorable character, leadership and all its potential achievements are in danger of cancellation.
Mr. Chairman, SRC executives, colleagues, ladies, and gentlemen, I am highly honored and pleased to stand before this amazing house seeking your mandate to become the next NMTC/ODK/SRC financial secretary. First of all, I would like to congratulate our SRC Executives for their hard work but I am more than ready to take the SRC and the entire students to the side so that we can drink the water of life in this great institution.

My name is Opokua Sandra, a first year NAP5 student of NMTC-ODK. I began my educational journey at Takrowase Methodist School for my BECE and proceeded to Kwasi Oppong Senior High School where I offered General Art with Economics, Government, literature and Twi as my electives. I also hold a position as Financial Secretary at the Great Revelation Church, Sowutuom near Pentecost University. My qualities are humility, integrity, transparency, sincerity, selflessly, competence, fairness, responsibility and accountability.

Mr. Chairman, I stand before you this lovely moment to reveal to you my AGENDA for the office of the financial secretary of the college’s SRC. However, before I do that, one may ask, what function does the financial secretary perform?

Mr. Chairman, fellow colleagues, the office of the financial secretary shall prepare a budget, present to the SRC and financial committee the statement accounts he/she shall give financial approval for payment in consultation with the President, the financial committee Chairman and the tutor(s) responsible for the student’s affairs.

Mr. Chairman, what I intend doing when elected the Financial Secretary of the SRC can be classified under four thematic areas:

Mr. Chairman, on accountability, I intend to persuade the SRC President to put in place an effective and working Audit Committee within the shortest possible time of assuming office. I would make sure the committee is given all the necessary support and freedom to work without fear or favour. This will ensure that SRC executives, hostel prefects and clubs are held accountable to students’ money.

On innovation, Mr. Chairman, I believe the time has come for NMTC-ODK/SRC to boast of its own buses, good road to the school, football pitch, enough dustbins, e-waste dumpsite and public addressing system. I intend to work with my co-executives in instituting an “Alumni’s Day” where both the alumni and current students of the institution, chiefs, assemblymen, political leaders as well as guardians or parents to raise funds to sponsor the purchase of these items.

Mr. Chairman, in promoting transparency, I intend to involve all stakeholders at every stage of budget cycle. That is during the preparation, implementation, auditing, monitoring, and evaluation stages.
I will follow best practices on the drafting and implementation of the budget.
Mr. Chairman, kindly permit me to do a little bit of calculation here. Mr. Chairman, if the entire student population of the College is about 230 and a student pays GHS2.00 as his/her dues per semester, then (if we multiply 230 by GHS2) it means management will give us GHS460.00 per semester.

Mr. Chairman, ladies and gentlemen, we all know that within a year, SRC has so many activities to organize and example is the SRC week celebration, sports, entertainment and so on. Ladies and gentlemen, if I become the financial secretary. I will continue to push for the increase of the SRC dues from the management, where we can use these funds in support of all the SRC projects and programs.

I therefore call on you to take the right step and get Opokua Sandra endorsed as the Financial Secretary of the SRC. I love you all.

Long Live Ghana
Long Live Odumase – Krobo
Long Live NMTC/ODK
Thank you

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