How To Open Prudential Bank Limited Account In Ghana

By | January 15, 2023

About Prudential Bank Limited In Ghana

Prudential Bank Limited (PBL), commonly known as Prudential Bank, is a private commercial bank in Ghana. It is licensed by the Bank of Ghana, the central bank and national banking regulator.

The headquarters of the bank is located at 8 John Hammond Street, Ring Road Central, Kanda, Accra, Ghana’s capital and largest city.

Types Of Prudential Bank Limited Account In Ghana

Current Account

Our current accounts for personal banking customers are specially designed to offer you flexibility and convenience. Current accounts are available in Ghana Cedi, United States Dollar, Euro, and British Pound Sterling.

Prudential Student Current Account (PSCA)

The PSCA facilitates everyday banking with flexibility and ease.

University Staff Current Account (USCA)

This account is designed to provide financial solutions that meet the needs of university employees. The USCA facilitates everyday banking with flexibility and ease.

Savings Accounts

Standard Savings Account

An interest-bearing account designed for individuals and businesses. It allows customers the flexibility to save at their own pace.

Foreign Savings Accounts

Open a foreign currency or exchange account in USD, GBP, or EUR denominations.

Welfare Savings Account

A special savings package purposely designed to assist customers to buy basic household items such as television sets, cookers, refrigerators, furniture, pay medical bills, school fees, and also meet other urgent family commitments.

Home Base Account

A Cedi-denominated account for personal savings and/or fixed deposit investment.

Student Savings Account

The PSSA enables students to manage their finances better and develop a savings culture.

University Staff Account

University employees to save unneeded funds at very competitive rates.

Requirements To Open Prudential Bank Limited Account In Ghana

To open a bank account with Prudential Bank Limited in Ghana a customer needs to bring along the following document at any of our branch in person. This document include:

One passport picture

Valid national ID card

Proof of residence/visitation report

Residence/work permit (for non-Ghanaians)

Fully completed account pack form

Charges Involved In Opening Prudential Bank Limited Account In Ghana

At Prudential Bank Limited, the bank does not charge her client for opening of bank accounts with them. But after processing of the opening of the bank account is completed, the customer is expected to deposit a minimum balance in the account he/she created. This minimum amount ranges from GHC 50 to GHC 200 depending on the account.

How To Open A Bank Account With Prudential Bank Limited In Ghana

Walk into any branch of Prudential Bank Limited with document listed like utility bills, passport photo Ghana Card Id and talk to the customer service that you want to open an account. The customer service personnel will then refer you to the designated bank official to help you open an account of your choice.

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