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How To Open First National Bank (Ghana) Limited Account In Ghana

About First First National Bank (Ghana) Limited In Ghana

First National Bank Ghana Limited (FNBGL), commonly referred to as First National Bank Ghana, is a commercial bank in Ghana. It is licensed by the Bank of Ghana, the central bank and national banking regulator.

The bank’s headquarters are located on the 6th Floor of Accra Financial Centre, at the corner of Independence Avenue and Liberia Avenue, in the neighborhood called West Ridge, in Accra, Ghana’s capital city.

The geographic coordinates of the bank’s headquarters are:05°33’19.0″N, 0°12’05.0″W (Latitude:5.555278; Longitude:-0.201389).

First National Bank Ghana received a Universal banking license from the Bank of Ghana during the second half of 2015. It opened its first branch in Accra that same year. Beginning as a new greenfield operation, the bank plans to grow organically, with emphasis on digital applications, but mindful of the Ghanaian customers’ desire for personal contact.[5]

First National Bank Ghana is a subsidiary of First National Bank South Africa, which is the retail banking arm of FirstRand Group, a large financial services conglomerate, headquartered in South Africa and whose shares are listed on the JSE Limited, where they trade under the symbol.

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Types Of First National Bank (Ghana) Limited Account In Ghana

Savings Account

This account is available to individuals 18-years and older and offers a secure and attractive method of saving funds at a competitive rate.

Cheque And Save

This account is available to customers 18-years and older and offers a secure, attractive method of saving funds at a competitive rate, while at the same time allowing for immediate access to funds via our in-house cheque clearance system.

Current Account

A convenient and flexible medium to make and receive payments. The account can be opened in individual or joint names.

Diaspora Account

This account is targeted at Ghanaians resident abroad. It affords the customer the opportunity to open and operate an account from anywhere in the world and ensures that the customer has access to unique products and services tailored to meet their banking needs. The types of account that can be opened under the Fidelity Diaspora account are Savings Account, Current Account and Fixed Deposit Account.

Children’s Account (ZECA)

A savings account to nurture savings behavior in minors up to the age of 17 and provides guardians with a financial management tool

Foreign Exchange Account (FEA)

Foreign exchange current account facilitates smooth business transactions in the major trading currencies

Foreign Currency Account (FCA)

Foreign currency accounts are available to clients who regularly receive remittances from offshore sources. Funding for this account is restricted to offshore remittances and offshore cheques.

Investment (Treasury) Products The investment or treasury account consists of the following:

Call Accounts

Fixed Deposits

Treasury Bill Investment Services


Sell Buy Back Agreement (Sbba)

Securities Backed Investment (Sbi) Outright Bond Sale/Purchase

Requirements To Open  (Ghana) Limited Account In Ghana

Account opening form duly filled

2 passport-sized pictures, (name & signature on reverse)

A valid national ID  (Ghana Card)& Tin certificate

Residence permit & non-citizen card (where applicable)

Employer introductory letter (where applicable)

Utility bill (not older than six months)

Mandatory initial deposit (Any amount ranging from GHC 20 and above)

Charges Involved In Opening FIRST NATIONAL BANK (GHANA) LIMITED Account In Ghana

At First National Bank, the bank does not charge her client for opening of bank accounts with them. But after processing of the opening of the bank account is completed, the customer is expected to deposit a minimum balance in the account he/she created. This minimum amount ranges from GHC 20 to GHC 200 depending on the account.

How To Open A Bank Account With FIRST NATIONAL BANK (GHANA) LIMITED In Ghana

Walk into any branch of First National Bank  with document listed above like utility bills, passport photo Ghana Card Id and talk to the customer service that you want to open an account. The customer service personnel will then refer you to the designated bank official to help you open an account of your choice.

Source: Ghana Pulse

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