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How to open ABSA account In Ghana

About ABSA In Ghana

Absa Bank Ghana (officially Absa Bank Ghana Limited) (ABGL), formerly known as Barclays Bank of Ghana Limited, is a commercial bank in Ghana, licensed by the Bank of Ghana, the country’s central bank and national banking regulator.

Absa Bank Ghana Limited is part of Absa Group Limited, an African financial services group that aims to be the pride of the continent. This African financial services conglomerate is based or headquarters in South Africa with with subsidiaries in 12 African countries, around 42,000 employees and with assets in excess of US$87 billion as of 30 June 2017.

The headquarters of the ABSA Bank in Ghana is located at Absa House, J.E. Atta-Mills High Street, in the central business district of Accra, the capital of Ghana.

The bank is committed to finding local solutions to uniquely local challenges and everything they do is focused on adding value. To this end, we offer our clients a range of retail, business, corporate and investment, and wealth management solutions. We also ensure a positive impact in all the countries where we operate.

We’re a truly African brand, inspired by the people we serve and determined to always be brave, passionate and ready so that we can make our continent proud.

Types Of ABSA Bank Account In Ghana

ABSA Bank have categories their bank accounts into three main types with each having a subsidiary bank account under them.

These accounts are savings account, current account and premier banking account.

Under the current account accounts the following accounts exist:

  • Ultimate Account
  • Forex Current Account
  • Absa Assure Account
  • Prestige Banking Accounts
  • Alliance Partners

Under the savings accounts the following accounts exist:

  • Ignition Account
  • Bonus Savings Account
  • Absa Junior Account
  • Target Save Account
  • Instant Savings Account

And lastly under the Premier Account the following accounts also exist:

  • Premier Banking Account
  • Loans and cover
  • Priority banking
  • Alliance partners

Requirements To Open ABSA Bank Account In Ghana

Most banks in Ghana required their customers to produce the following documents to any of their branches when ones want to register for a bank account. This document consists of:

  • Two passport-sized photographs
  • National ID (excluding NHIS) or valid passport for foreigners
  • Proof of residence e.g. recent utility bill, tenancy agreement, local government rate document, bank statement or passbook containing current address
  • Resident permit (applicable to foreigners residing in Ghana)
  • Work permit (applicable to foreigners working in Ghana)
  • Tax identity number.

But ABSA Bank been a leader in technology and innovation have now only uses one document which is Ghana Card to create an account.

Charges Involved In Opening ABSA Bank Account In Ghana

No charge is involved in opening an ABSA Bank account in Ghana however, ones need to do initial deposit into the account he or she is opening at the bank.

How To Open A Bank Account With ABSA BANK In Ghana

To open a bank account at ABSA Bank Ghana, a customer has to bring in an existence account holder of the bank to act as a guarantor for the person who wants to create the account and also come along with their Ghana Card.

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