How To Buy Bitcoin In Ghana

By | October 28, 2022
How To Buy Bitcoin In Ghana

Do you know you can buy bitcoin in Ghana within a few minutes? Let’s see how you can buy BTC with mobile money in this article.

About Bitcoin (BTC)

A peer-to-peer network called bitcoin allows for the movement of bitcoin, a decentralized digital currency. Through encryption, network nodes verify bitcoin transactions, which are then added to a blockchain, a widely accessible distributed ledger.

A mysterious individual or group of individuals using the alias Satoshi Nakamoto created the cryptocurrency in 2008. After being made available as open-source software in 2009, the currency was put into use.

How Bitcoin works

Government or banking institutions are not required for Bitcoin to function. Peer-to-peer transfers are used, and a digital network that keeps track of all cryptocurrency transactions is used.

How to buy bitcoin in Ghana

There are many ways you can buy bitcoin in Ghana but I would like to talk about the use of mobile money. The following are the procedures you can bitcoin in Ghana using mobile money

Create a Yellow Card account.

You will need to submit some basic information about yourself in order to register. The registration will take a few minutes.

Make a deposit into your account

After you are done with the registration, you need to make deposit money into the account. The money should either be equal to or bigger than the amount of BTC you want to buy.

Tap Deposit on your dashboard, then pick Mobile Money. To directly deposit the desired amount, follow the onscreen instructions. The amount of money you have deposited will rightly reflect in your account.

Purchase bitcoin

purchase in GHS, USD, or bitcoin. Your bitcoin will be added to your wallet once you confirm the transaction. Sending to different external wallets or to other Yellow Card users is free.

I hope with the above information, you can now buy BTC in Ghana within a few minutes. If you still find it difficult to go through this process, let someone who is familiar with the process assist you.

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