How To Adopt A Child In Ghana (2023 Guide)

By | January 8, 2023

The subject of adoption often times seems to be a caricature in the mind of the average Ghanaian. Most Ghanaians have once heard of abortion before but very few have some knowledge on it.

Today, we are looking at the legal process an individual can go through to be able to call an adopted child his or her own.

On the global index, Ghana ranks 48 out of a list of 232 countries as one of the easiest countries to adopt from according to The ministry of Gender, Children and Social protection in charge of adoption in Ghana, has made giant strides in the field to score Ghana such an enviable position on the global index.

The children available for adoption from Ghana are basically aged 2.5 years and upwards. Rarely, infants in need of a family are also put up for adoption. Married couples are eligible to adopt from Ghana and in certain situations, single parents are also allowed to adopt. Parents must be between the ages of 25 and 50 and at least 21 years older than the child/children they wish to adopt.

There are two major types of adoption which include In-country adoption and Inter-country adoption. The In-country adoption deals with the adoption of a child within the confines of the country without any interference from outside the country. Inter-country adoption deals with the adoption of a child by a Ghanaian living abroad or a foreigner coming into the country to adopt.

In our today’s article guide on Latest Ghana as a Ghanaian online newspaper, we would like to give you the latest update on how to adopt any child in Ghana — following the constitution of Ghana.

The following are the processes to follow to adopt a child using the In-country adoption.

  1. Obtain information about the eligibility and suitability of an applicant for adoption and the process etc.
  2. Obtain and complete application forms with police criminal clearance and medical screening report.
  3. Submit to Home Study leading to the preparation of Home Study report on the background and circumstances of the applicant.
  4. Undergo thirty hours training in adoption related topics

The following are also Requirements to be met:

  • Evidence of Marriage, if applicable
  • Birth Certificate
  • Medical / Health Certificate
  • Police Clearance Report
  • Evidence of employment / income
  • Two reference letters
  • Copy of National Identification
  • Spousal Consent if applicable with consent of spouse
  • Statement of Commitment from two guardian ad litem
  • In case of relative adoption, proof of relationship with the child
  • Photographs and audio recordings of the family and home of the applicant

The Inter-country adoption takes a slightly different approach to the adoption process.
The process are:

  1. Obtain information about eligibility and suitability of an applicant to undertake adoption and the adoption process.
  2. Undergo training in adoption related topics etc
  3. Submit to Home Study leading to the preparation of the Home study report on the background and circumstances of the applicant.
  4. Be approved as eligible and suitable to adopt a child from the receiving State.
  5. The Central Authority or accredited adoption agency of the receiving State submit approval of home study report to the Central Adoption Authority in Ghana to be approved to undertake adoption in Ghana.
  6. Obtain and complete application forms

The following are also Requirements to be met:

  1. Home Study Report
  2. Letter of Approval from Central Authority of Receiving State
  3. Evidence of Marriage if applicable
  4. Birth Certificate(s)
  5. Medical / Health Certificate (Form 9)
  6. Police Clearance Report
  7. Evidence of employment / income
  8. Copy of National Identification
  9. Spousal Consent (Form 12), if applicable
  10. Two References Letters
  11. Evidence of Training as prospective adoptive parent
  12. Audio-Visual Recording or Pictures of Applicant, Applicants Home and Family
  13. Completed Statement Form from two Guardian ad Litem
  14. In case of relative adoption, proof of fifth level of relationship with child.

If you are a Ghanaian or foreigner who wants to adopt a child in Ghana with the legal steps, this is all we have given you above about how to adopt a child in Ghana with an easier guide.

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