How To Address A Letter To SSNIT Ghana 2021

By | October 31, 2021
How To Address A Letter To SSNIT Ghana 2021

It is a very good practice to always address your letters, memos and other official correspondence correctly. One needs to know the right format of addressing the person they want to reach. This is because it shows you as a professional or an individual who has respect for others and their work. This article provides you with the right format of addressing SSNIT Ghana 2021 letter.


SSNIT is  Social Security and National Insurance Trust. The SSNIT is a smart card that contains biometric data of the cardholder for identity authentication, and other relevant data such as demographic information, health insurance record, tax information, etc.

How To Address A Letter To SSNIT Ghana 2021

In addressing a letter to SSNIT Ghana, you need to know their postal address, and below is the address of SSNIT;

P.O. Box MB. 149, Ministries, Accra – Ghana

Here is the basic format on How To Address A Letter To SSNIT Ghana 2021;

1. Indicate the person to look at or the receiver of the letter and also includes its designation and address/location.

2. Always put a date before the letterhead. More often 2-3 paragraph spaces.

3. Put a recognition name. (e.g.Dear Sir/Madam)

4. Greet the person to whom the letter is to be sent to show respect.

5. The body or content. Note to indicate your purpose immediately and be straight to the point. No “roller coaster rides” sentences that would confuse the reader/s. You can ask directly for a request for your claim on SSNIT contribution. Say your purpose and explain more and why you want to claim. You can elaborate more on the situation. Derive for the conclusion so that the person who is intended to read this would sympathize you a grant for goods. Don`t forget to give thanks.

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6. Salutation mark before 3-4 spaces. Most commonly the “sincerely yours”, “truly yours”, “Respectfully yours”, etc.

7. Put 2-3 paragraph spaces and put your name with a sign above it.

Sample of How To Address A Letter To SSNIT Ghana 2021

P.O.Box CE2222


31st October 2021.

The Manager

Social Security and National Insurance Trust

Human Resource

P.O. Box MB. 149, Ministries, Accra – Ghana

Dear Sir/ Madam,

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