How Tall is Katherine Moss

By | May 23, 2023

Katherine Ann Moss is a British model and entrepreneur. One of the most recognizable and enduring models in the business, Moss first gained fame in the early 1990s as a representative of the heroin-chic fashion movement.

Who is Katherine Moss & More

Kate Moss was born on January 16, 1974, in Croydon, Greater London, the daughter of bartender Linda Rosina Moss and airline worker Peter Edward Moss. She was reared in the borough’s Addiscombe and Sanderstead neighborhoods.

She went to Purley’s Riddlesdown High School, which is now Riddlesdown Collegiate, and Ridgeway Primary School. In her early teens, she held many local retail jobs.

Kate Moss’s Career

In 1988, Sarah Doukas, founder of Storm Management, at JFK Airport in New York, recruited a 14 year old Kate Moss after returning from a holiday in The Bahamas. Moss initially had little interest in pursuing a career in modeling, but her parents persuade her to give it a shot.

When Moss first started her career as a teenager, the early 1990s saw a rise in popularity for her waiflike “heroin-chic” appearance. She had her appearance on the cover of The Face magazine in 1990, and British Vogue later that year.

In contrast to the popular models of the time, such as Cindy Crawford, Elle Macpherson, Claudia Schiffer, and Naomi Campbell, who were recognized for their curvy and tall proportions, Moss went on to become the “anti-supermodel” of the 1990s.

Additionally, Moss has starred in numerous well-known commercials for brands including Gucci, Calvin Klein, Burberry, Virgin Mobile, and Rimmel. Along with performing and singing, Moss has also started her own clothing business.

Throughout her career, Moss has also been a part of a number of controversies. Most famously, on September 20, 2005, when she was seen on tape snorting what seemed to be cocaine.

Moss was summoned to return from the US to the UK by the London Metropolitan Police on January 5th, 2006, to provide information regarding the cocaine scandal that occurred in September of 2005. Due to a lack of evidence, British police dismissed the charges on June 16, 2006. In the end, Moss was exonerated of all accusations and went back to modeling.

How Tall is the “Supermodel”: Kate Moss

Kate Moss stands at 5 feet 7 inches thus, 173 centimeters and has a body weight of 55kg.

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