Hotels in Ejisu, Kumasi

By | June 13, 2022
Hotels in Ejisu, Kumasi

Where to stay in Ejisu? Ejisu is a city in Greater Kumasi located along the Kumasi-Accra highway about 20 km from Kumasi. It is one of the 27 administrative and political Districts in the Ashanti Region with Ejisu as its capital.

Kumasi is Ghana’s “second city,” as well as the Ashanti people’s ancestral land and modern home. Learn more about nature, craftsmanship, local life, and history in this unique city. Kumasi is a city rich in culture, with monumental structures and ceremonies, colorfully vibrant market scenes, textile hubs, breathtaking parks, and an exciting nightlife. Reconnecting in some spectacular spaces in the Ashanti region’s capital can definitely help keep your bond solid for new lovers as well as those who have been together for a while.

Hotels in Ejisu, Kumasi

Ghana is still known as the Gateway to Africa, and Kumasi is known as the Garden City of West Africa. Whether or not the latter has lived up to its name is a topic for another day, but one thing is certain: Kumasi and the Ashanti Region qualify as home to undiluted tradition and culture. Below is the list of hotels in Ejisu, Kumasi.

  1. The Haven Boutique Hotel
  2. Asantewaa Premier Guesthouse
  4. Abank Village
  6. To Be Hotel
  7. Franbec Hotel
  8. Oak Plaza Suites
  9. Four Villages Inn
  10. Cocoa Village Ghana
  11. Golden Bean Hotel
  12. Moon & Star Ghana
  13. Lake – Point Ghana
  14. Cofkans Hotel
  15. The Green Ranch
  16. Wadoma Royale Hotel
  17. Okumah Hotel
  18. Roses Guest House
  19. Kwamo Executive Lodge Annex
  20. Paradise Resort
  21. Villa Sankofa
  22. Davep Guest House
  23. OKF Guest House
  24. Tumi Hostel
  26. Duku Guest House
  27. Lovek Condos
  28. Gas Apartments
  29. Bonds Hotel Banko

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